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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNqes4_ASjk Tried this?
  2. I'd like to know who told you to apply acetone to nitrocellulose? It needs to be refinished.
  3. Berkley on Boylston & Bacon streets.
  4. Thanks. Same here. I wanted sunburst but the $800 difference made it prohibitive.
  5. Honeymoon is in full bloom. Someone will chime in and mention the magnets have changed over the years and ONLY xyz magnets sound like a real FB. This guitar has Fender chime and humbucker growl. I happen to like the neck profile. The geometry of the body & neck works for my fat belly. I get a nice handle on the guitar and can attack to my hearts content. I am cheap. So I got the pelham blue finish which is $800 less than vintage sunburst. These pickups are very versatile. They are responsive and follow my lead well. And even though the volume and tone wiring are "good enough" I may want to upgrade the harness since the chicklet caps make me squirm. Any suggestions on that front?
  6. Then if there is buzz, you will address relief. This is not rocket science. you are over thinking it.
  7. Okay - Fender has better QA standards but I'd rather have a Gibson?
  8. I have a 1972 I bought for $272 and a 2012(?) MIM I bought for $400. My point is Fenders come out like Quarter Pounders. A Gibson being compared to an In-N-Out is probably apt. Handmade and much better tasting. Every Gibson I have ever owned has had signs of being made by humans. I like that.
  9. People go to great lengths to make their guitar look "well worn." OP is having an issue with what they see as a defect. I would look upon it as proof the guitar is handmade.
  10. "Gibson’s 498T and 490R pickups (“T” for treble, and “R” for rhythm) "
  11. Make the string change and then check intonation to see how much it has changed if at all. My FB came with 0.10s and I put hybrids on it. No changes needed.
  12. Okay. When did they start putting plastic wrap over the stop tail?
  13. Which would you choose? A Big Mac is the same no matter WHERE it is made. Handmade means slight variance. Fluctuation in paint quality or simple things like number of wraps on a pickup. My Fenders have always been plain Jane quality guitars. My Gibsons have been handmade, imperfect things made by humans. So my Fenders have been easier to work on - the screws always fit well, the holes drilled line up with the body. My Gibsons - take the rear plate off and it never goes on the same way again. Gibsons are frustrating but they make the sounds I can never get from a Fender no matter what I do. Like my wife.
  14. I really like that and do not understand why? Enjoy it.
  15. Second thing I did after a setup was order a HSC. They cost all of $100, I would have easily paid another $100 to have a Gibson HSC included. But that it came with a bag was not a deal breaker for me.
  16. Wait, that's not just a generic guitar similar to mine? In the 1990s a pal bought a Lotus - every week he got a 3 ring binder with 8x12 glossy photo updates. "Here's Nigel installing the walnut dashboard." It cracked me up, but $95k for a car I would like a few perquisite included. If that really is MINE then, Good on ya Gibson. Yeah, looking really closely I think it IS mine. The fretboard has a weird dark to light pattern and so does the pic.
  17. I just got a Firebird - I love it. Gig bag, meh. Guitar? Superb. Minihumbuckers!!! But my query is the HUGE swiss army knife tool. When did they start including that instead of the ubiquitous truss rod wrench? This thing has more heft to it than the similar wrench I got with my motorcycle? Everything you need? The screwdriver that fits, the allen wrench that fits? Whomever thought that one up deserves kudos.
  18. Love SGs, especially Juniors. Great choice.
  19. I have been picking since 1964. Have a few credits with Eddie Money and a couple of other even lesser known artists. I studied with Al DiMeola and got my degree in music. /me waves
  20. There would be a specification for number of windings and total resistance. But we know they do vary. The question is does the variance cause an issue on the finished product?
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