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  1. AS90, do you like cows aswell?
  2. Good call, I'm sure you'll be happy with your new guitar.
  3. where did you get you truss cover from?
  4. I have an '05 gibson SG special and a '03 epi casino, the SG was great out of the box I have changed the machineheads, I did have to have a bit of fretwork done on the casino, but they are both great guitars but, they are both very different guitars, I would try a bunch out before you decide. I know I have a casino and not the sherry, but they are both great epi's. It's a tough call!!!!
  5. Iv'e seen a few pics in post's where folks have swapped a 3 hole trc for a 2 hole, can anyone post pics of whats going on with the screw holes? I have a '03 casino and I'd like to stick a 2 hole trc on it but I don't know where to start. thanks.
  6. How will you fix the 2 screw TRC to the guitar with 3 holes? the reason I ask is i've got a Casino and I've often thought of doing this.
  7. Try Award-Session.com there Clear Tone Yellow Tab cables are really good and not to dear. they use Van Damme cable and Neutrik plugs.
  8. Twang, why do the pots have to rolled off before soldering?
  9. Hi Frenchie, do both your casino's have nylon saddles? how much dose that effect the tone? I've seen a few for sale on e-bay but was wondering if it's a worth while upgrade?
  10. that SG looks great, I looked everywere for a vibrato like that where did you get it? do you have any tuning problems with it?
  11. Ya, it's an '05 I love it, I changed the machine heads due to a slight accident when I first got it, and the truss cover, but other than that it's stock. I think people give them to much stick for being inferior to the the standard but it kicks ***, I did have a seymour duncan APH2 in the bridge but I took it out cause I thought the stock pup sounded better! I got the SG and the Casino cause I'm a bit of a Weller fan!
  12. So basically thers not much differance in the newer casino's people selling them are just trying to get a bit more buy saying a peerless casino is better than others? I know you all like pic's so here's my casino (without strings).
  13. Give yourself a pat on the back, good job. but will you need a buffing wheel for the final shine or can you do it by hand?
  14. This probably gets asked all the time, but I was just looking on E-bay and there a Perless Casino for sale, also I ve seen matsumoto (I think thats how its spelt?). I know the old vintage ones where made in kalamazoo and new ones in korea but what about all the others?
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