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  1. Its strange, i measured the headstock itself,and its thinner going towards the bass side,where i see the headstock looking twisted to the bass side,the fretboard however looks flat as a board
  2. Well no the neck is not twisted ,im talking about it being mounted into the body slightly crooked,The neck is installed into the pocket cut into the body and the bottom if the fretboard rests on the top of the body.So would it be normal for the neck to sit in the pocket slightly left or right? Also as far as the fit of the neck in the body,its fit in nice , no gaps the fretboard is resting flat on the carved top
  3. Heres my R0 honey lemon fade
  4. Is this normal? I have a new 2018 Gibson Custom Historic 1960 les paul.I noticed that the neck heel on the back of the guitar looks a tiny bit crooked,as you look at the back of the body where the neck heel is.When i look at the headstock from the too,it looks like its very slightly twisted to the right as if the neck is mounted in the body that way? Is this normal practice.I just want some assurance that its ok honestly, it does seem like the heel is simply sanded a bit crooked,as i put a streight edge on it,the streightedge rocks a bit towards the right where you can see the gap get wider...
  5. Im sorry Gibson contacted me after contacting them before and told me to post pics here because there are some final inspectors on here
  6. I noticed that my 2017 Gibson les paul traditional, has less relief on the treble side than the bass side.The treble side is .005 thousandths lower than the bass side, im trying to show pics sighting down the neck but i see no option
  7. Thank you for that, it was nice to read from a Gibson final inspector,however ,he says to check the high and low E string while measuring relief....what would he say about this
  8. Thank you all soo much, Now i ask a favor,when you have time, maby who ever feels like check there relief on each side of the neck, on the les paul, or guitar of choice, and posting the measurements here, i would really appreciate it,as an experiment,
  9. We are talking about relief correct? And not bridge hieght?
  10. I looked down the neck, from the headstock,and i didnt see any twist.This is what i have been reading, is that the neck is twisted, the neck is not twisted , the neck is twisted, no the neck is not twisted, this is normal, to have uneven neck relief, on some guitars
  11. Hi guys after setting the relief, on my 2017 Gibson les paul Traditional.I capied the first fret, held down the last fret, and measured the gap in the middle of the neck, and when i tap on the low E string, i found that there is more clearence between the fret and the low E string, vs the fret and the high E string.I went and measured with feeler guages, and i have around .003 thousandths less relief on the high E side then the low E.I have read allot ,as people said this is normal, one person said that all 12 of his Historic les pauls were like this, and a couple people mentioned a twist in t
  12. I will thank you very much guys,one more thing though, while i am able to completley streighten the necks on both of my Gibson les pauls,and the guitars as mentioned still play with no choking or buzzing, minus that one string on that one guitar.I found however that i cant however, really lower the action under gibson specs, i mean on the Bass E side i can go to 4/64 instead of Gibson factory measurement of 5/64.However on the High E side, i seem to need to raise the action to at least the factory measurement of 3/64, or a touch higher to prevent choking on high notes,any answers please?
  13. I just tested both my les pauls, by fretting them at the 3RD fret and checking for clearence between the top ,of the first fret and bottom of each string,and each string is just clearing, i can just push each string down at tye first fret
  14. Thats exactly what i was going to say.Some times a person needs to ask his own question pertaining to the same question that was asked.bu someone else...and if i would have started a new thread???lord help me
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