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  2. Gibson, why are you still putting dot inlay on this model? No Gibson Les Paul that costs over a grand should have freaking dot inlay! You had trapezoids on this model up to 2017, and then you switched it. WHY?? The only Les Paul models that should have dot inlay are Jr's and Melody Makers. Every other LP model should have trapezoids or blocks for the customs! I like your lineup for 2019, except for this one model. If you had included the trapezoids (even just the acrylic ones), it would've been perfect!
  3. Be glib about it all you want, but I guarantee you it would be a success!
  4. Yes! Yes!! YES!! Thank you so much for articulating my point better than I did! What you said is the point I was trying to get at. Absolutely keep the well-established Epiphone models like the Casino. However, instead of allowing the Epiphone name to be on the established Gibson models like the LP, SG, ES, etc, just change the headstock and make them Gibsons! What they could do is have 3 Gibson trademarks to differentiate themselves on the headstock... Gibson for Custom Shop guitars CS Gibson for the standard US brand Gibsons USA Gibson for the overseas, less expensive models Int'l That would give Gibson a very simple, 3-tiered pricing structure that everyone could understand and I guarantee you those overseas models re-branded as Gibson would fly off the shelves! For example, take a look at the Epiphone LP Tribute Plus. That's a guitar with a solid mahogany body, an actual 3/4" maple cap with a AAA flame maple veneer, 18:1 Grover tuners, an actual Switchcraft selector switch, and genuine Gibson USA '57 humbuckers. It's as close an Epiphone gets to a genuine Gibson without it being an actual Gibson. Imagine how much more that model would sell if it had the actual Gibson headstock with the name "Gibson" branded on it instead of the Epiphone headstock and logo. I know many here scoff at the idea and think it would make no difference, but anyone who understands marketing and understands the power of brand, knows this would be a true difference maker in Gibson's sales.
  5. Damn, those are SEX! Thanks for posting! It's funny but when I was a youngster I didn't like the look of the gold tops at all. However now I think they look killer! I just think sometimes Gibson tinkers way too much with their lineup. With the 2018 Tributes, they had a winning formula! Like I said in a previous post, Gibson struck the absolute best balance between quality and affordability. All they really needed to do with the 2019 models was offer it in more finishes. It's almost as if their motto is "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is." Also, this is off topic but why did Gibson decide to stop going to NAMM?
  6. I don't think "Made in the USA" carries the same clout that it used to, honestly. The QC for overseas built guitars has gotten much, much better. I can tell you the Japanese-built Gretsch and Ibanez guitars, for example are are way better built than almost any USA made guitar. Besides, other than maybe the custom shop stuff that's priced out of everyone's range except doctors and lawyers, building these guitars have become such a highly automated process, I don't think it really matters whether it's USA made or Korean made or Japanese made in the eyes of the average player anymore.
  7. And what I see is, if you're going to spend that much money on something, it should both look AND sound appealing to you.
  8. Or, you know, it could just be someone's opinion.
  9. That's a sweet sweet ax Rabs! I very well may end up getting a 2018 gold top model. I was waiting to see if Gibson would offer more finishes for the 2019 model, and they did. I LOVE the iced tea burst finish and would've happily gotten that one. However removing the trapezoids and swiss cheesing it are deal-breakers for me, flat out. I'll probably wait another year, see what Gibson does for 2020, and then decide. If they stick with the current design for 2020 I will locate a 2018 model and buy that one instead.
  10. First of all, thanks for the classy post earlier Pip. I appreciate that you at least offered an "olive branch" to me. Second, no I'm NOT a troll. I've been a huge Gibson fan ever since I first saw Ace Frehley make his guitar billow smoke in 1977. Most of my influences were/are Gibson players (Page, Frehley, Zappa, Rhoads, Slash, Lifeson, Bonamassa, etc). I simply voice my criticisms because I DO care. I WANT to see Gibson succeed. I'm just offering my perspective on things. Sure, we can sit around here and talk about how awesome Gibson is but I find it more interesting and engaging to discuss areas where we think Gibson can get better, without others feeling the need to rush to Gibson's defense. My thread on Epiphone wasn't meant as a criticism of Gibson, or a slam on the Epiphone name. I was simply making a suggestion as to how Gibson might strengthen their brand and sell more guitars, while at the same time cutting down on the "Chibson" issue they are dealing with. A radical suggestion, yes I know. But I thought it'd be interesting to contemplate it. I DO happen to believe the reason so many people buy "Chibson" is because they want the Gibson name on the headstock but don't want to pay the premium prices. Going to an all Gibson brand, even on the budget models, could help Gibson fight that battle. Other guitar manufacturers do it (Gretsch) with great success. Why NOT Gibson? The thread regarding the Tribute line WAS meant as a criticism because I believe it's warranted. If you disagree, fine. I have no problem with opposing views at all. That's what sparks healthy debate. However that doesn't make me narcissistic or honestly believe they are going to listen to anything I have to say. It's just me voicing an opinion. I just think it's inexcusable for Gibson to release a 1000.00 plus Les Paul model while eliminating features like trapezoid inlay, pick up covers, even removing binding on a guitar that costs over a grand seems petty as hell to me. Especially when you consider those features are found on their Epis that cost 1/3 of the price of these guitars. Anyway, sorry if I rubbed anyone the wrong way. It wasn't my intention. I won't apologize for my thoughts on these matters. Disagree if you must. But just know that no I'm not a troll or a closet Gibson hater. It's quite the opposite.
  11. Yes because sheepishly going along with anything and everything Gibson does with nary a squeak of criticism is the ultimate showing of intelligence.
  12. LOL I sure hope you're not a Gibson representative. Because if Gibson thinks an 1,100.00 guitar is a "budget" guitar then they are more out of touch than I realized. NO guitar that costs north of a grand should be called a budget guitar...ever!
  13. I'm not talking about ES guitars I'm talking about Les Pauls. The trapezoid is one of the trademarks of the Les Paul design. The only exception should be the block inlay on the Custom Deluxe.
  14. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Sherlock. Of course it's my opinion. Almost everything that gets posted on any forum is opinion-based. However you cannot possibly sit there and tell me that the design choices on this model are for the better. If you do, then you're just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. No fan of Gibson Les Pauls wants freaking dot inlay on their necks!
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