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  1. Congrats! Great amp and cabinet...you'll love 'em! I have the DH40H Ironhorse amp and DHX212 cab and I'm excited every time I hear myself through it! Enjoy! Mike
  2. New Amp & Cab Day also at my house last weekend! Cheers, Mike https://drive.google.com/open?id=151ut6Tk_MMtmmTNHINJn9CA6yBWxY3gj
  3. I'm trying to play "Do Your Worst" by Rival Sons. I really like the acoustic version of that song!
  4. Wow! You guys are right...this girl can play! ...and sing! I really enjoyed that vid and will be sure to look for others now. Mike
  5. David, welcome to the forums. You'll find something about almost anything guitar-related you can think of. It's a great resource! Mike
  6. Welcome, Samsaha86! Enjoy the forums. I've found tons of useful info here including answers to many of the questions I've always asked about Gibson guitars. Mike
  7. Matt, welcome to the forums! That idea you have is a good one. ...what Retired said....do that! Mike
  8. I just purchased a set of the D'Addario Dual Locks. I think they are a great solution - they fit almost all buttons (so you don't have to modify the guitar or the strap) and straps and secure the guitar in a very solid way. For $4 you can't go wrong! I also like the feature enabling me to secure the cord to one of them, taking stress off the jack itself. Mike
  9. Fieldho, welcome to the forums! Some guys have all the luck! I think the best thing I ever won was a used, BW television about 50 years ago when I was a kid. sigh.... Mike
  10. Dave, welcome to the forums! Yes, those LPJ DC's are sweet! Mike
  11. Wow! That's such a good story! Many of us are in the same situation as you - we rarely (if ever!) play for more than ourselves. Personally, I've promised myself to play at an open mic club this winter. It's giving me good motivation to practice-practice-practice! Enjoy the forums, and of course, welcome! Mike
  12. Ian, Congratulations on steeping out of the shadows and joining our merry band of fanatics! Sadly, I am completely unqualified to comment on the origins of your beautiful Les Paul. Enjoy the forums! I'm sure someone here can help with your question. Cheers, Mike
  13. Stormcrow, Always great to see another Canadian on here! I'm out in BC but I grew up in Markham, Ontario. Beautiful guitars you have there! Enjoy the forums! Mike
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