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  1. tOCK, you have to activate the low tunings banks: ACTIVATE LOW TUNINGS AND/OR ADDI-TIONAL USER TUNING PRESET BANKS Unblocks three additional tuning preset banks (White, Yellow, and Magenta). This function activates three additional tuning preset banks. The WHITE and YELLOW banks default to write-protected presets for low tunings (heavier gauge strings are recommended). The MAGENTA bank and the BLUE bank, defaults to be write-enabled for storing user tuning presets. However, you can also convert any of these tuning preset banks to store presets. 1.When the GForce is switched off, press ON three times. Press the LEFT/RIGHT button to select YELLOW D . 2.Press ENTER. Press the LEFT/RIGHT button to select the YELLOW G LED. Press ENTER. 3.Use LEFT/RIGHT button to activate low tunings and additional preset banks ( e B G LEDs flash GREEN ) or to deactivate low tunings and addition-al preset banks ( D A E LEDs flash RED ). 4.Press ENTER = low tuning/additional banks settings stored. 5.Press and hold ON to switch off the tuner. 6.Press ON two times for tuning selection. Now press UP or DWN consequently to toggle between the 6 banks (Red, Green, Blue / White, Yellow and Magenta) Low C tuning is White bank A LED, Enter to activate Multi String Tuning, the tuner will perform the approach, now strum and let vibrate all strings for 3-5 sec., then mute all strings and pick the ones that are not in tune only. Should you encounter any issues, tune in Single String Mode (push and HOLD Enter at selection of White A). The more you tune to that tuning, the faster and better the tuner will complete that tunings due to the learning algorithm. Best Regards
  2. Sorry guys, we faced some problems with our online forms for support. All fixed now and inquiries will be responded within 24 hrs latest. Best, Tronical
  3. Here is what should happen upon strumming: - the respective LED on your MCK should start flash Red = frequency measure is being processed - then it should flash Yellow = motor command is sent to tuner - tuner should start turning now until Green LED lights up = in tune. Check your saddles on the bridge: - the tiny string bar has to be in an upright position, carefully push it towards the tailpiece - activate MCK and slightly hit on the saddle, where the strings rests. The respective LED on the MCK should flash Blue indicating that the piezo is working Tronical You play. We tune.
  4. Have also a look here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/60704-strange-tuner-issue-on-robot-sg/ Tronical You play. We tune.
  5. Hi Leslie, 1) Remove the respective tuner and carefully clean its contacts with a dry cloth. Clean the contact areas on the PCB also. 2) Now reinstall the tuner, align its housing with the black electronic box and screw tight at approx. 1.5 Nm torque. Make sure the tuner housing is not twisted when you tighten it!! 3) Restring (push on the string slightly for a little pre-tension before locking with the nut!), disengage the peg and turn on it at least a half turn for a bit more pre-tension. Make sure the winding direction on the string post is correct!! If its vice the versa the tuning peg will disengage by itself!! The string has to leave the post facing the center of the headstock!! 4) Pull on the MCK and strum the respective SINGLE string, repeat until in tune. Tronical You play. We tune.
  6. GuitarBuilder, yes, this tuner will work on your GOR. Bass and treble keys are not interchangeable though. Tronical You play. We tune.
  7. robinoo, Unfortunately the MCK is not designed to replace that screw.... There are two options: 1- carefully drill the hole in the knob housing at 3.0 mm so you can remove the old and replace the new screw. Do not drill too deep though, 1 to 1.5 mm should be enough. 2- try to get a spare MCK from Gibson. Tronical You play. We tune.
  8. Anth, you need to put on all strings first as they carry the power and data to the neck electronics. Get the strings a small pre-tension pulling by hand before locking the nut at the tuning peg. The strings should have enough pre-tension so they do not touch the frets!! Cut the strings ends very close to the posts, make sure the strings are not touching each other nor any hardware part other than its respective tuner, center of its saddle and the respective tail piece hole. Now try the string up mode again. Once there is enough tension to get a pitch, you activate automated tuning and strum each string one by one. Wait for the single string to be in tune before you strum the next. Once all are in tune simply re-tune, this time you can strum all of them simultaneously. Tronical You play. We tune.
  9. Anth, the silver side (contac pads) of the ribbon cable has to show towards the PCB. Also, be carefull not to damage the small white lock bar when pushing it in. Tronical You play. We tune.
  10. H-P, make sure your power supply is at 12V, 1.000 mA. and use a short guitar cable for charging. Tronical You play. We tune.
  11. The DF Battery has a built in active charge circuitry, it wont take charge from the GOR charger. Tronical You play. We tune.
  12. V-Fanboy you cant charge your DF with the GOR charger box, you need the DF splitter / charger!! Tronical You play. We tune.
  13. Yes, exactly! Seems a bit expensive though.... Tronical You play. We tune.
  14. Hello, you need a grub screw M2 x 4 mm with hexagon socket and the respective wrench at 0.9 mm. Tronical You play. We tune.
  15. By using a capo you will short out the strings that carry the current for the headstock electronics and RoboTuners. The MCK will flash white LEDs indicating that issue, the guitar wont tune. Tronical You play. We tune.
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