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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

    My profilе is herе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Brad2001

  2. What a wonderful guitar. I came within a hairs' width of buying a J-180 but chose my Dove, it was that close. I think the SJ-200's J-180's and Doves are without peer.
  3. Brad2001

    Gibson QC

    AGF is the place to be for Gibson bashing, I thought.
  4. The Fab Four got their J-160e's in the early 60's and as far as I know used them exclusively for a number of years. One was stolen but soon replaced. I have always liked the Rubber Soul acoustic guitar work. My favorite album of all time, hands down. Phil and Don Everly too, SJ-200's and their J-180's, both models equipped with double pick guards.
  5. I try not to make promises I cannot keep and resolutions that I will not see thru. Having said that, I have just put a recumbent tadpole trike on order today as an exercise regimen. I've quit cigs after 30+ years of smoking (11 months now) and I need to firm up. It is my hope that renewed vigor will have a cascading effect on my health and interests. Best wishes to All, be well.
  6. I read threads like this for a laugh.
  7. I use Johnson's Paste Wax on my 67 Fender. Wish I still had my 67 GTO to wax.
  8. Our 81 chevy pickup was named "Freezemobile" as it had rusted floorboards that the cold winter air poured thru. The kids and I would go Christmas tree shopping in it and sing "The Freezemobile" song (Disney's Gnomemobile) at the top of our lungs, laughing all the way. Good times.
  9. What a showman, I've seen him twice at Wichita's Orpheum Theatre. The Wreck of the Edmond, Beautiful, If You Could Read My Mind, all go to's for the last 40 years.
  10. Urban Dictionary defines puppy chow as crack coated sticky MJ buds, among other obscene definitions.
  11. Yeah, Gibs are taking a real beating there today, again, again. Makes me want to respond but then I just figure the haters to be jelly.
  12. Very nicely done ThemisSal. Insipring.
  13. Neil Young has fire woes it seems. A few years back I believe his electric car shorted and burned up a warehouse in L.A.
  14. Tone and Touch. To me my Dove is the perfect guitar to accompany singing. I've a friend who owns a nice Yamaha that I like to play, and as he's smitten with my bird, we swap and I get the benefit of setting across from my guitar while he plays it. He's a much better player than I but he defers to my singing and when I get to sing and hear my bird played, well, that's what's so good about a Gibson.
  15. I'd say it depends on how hard you're going to work the guitar. Phil and Don played hard and specifically had dual guards on their J-200's and signature Gibs for that reason. My Dove has a few pick marks above as well. Guitars with big voices s/b played hard IMO. I'd leave it.
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