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    New vs Old

    Thanks will keep looking.
  2. Ronny

    New vs Old

    The one I'm after is the CS356. As i said there seems to be a big problem with the 7 ply binding ones, the 10 out of 15 i checked out were customs with the 7 ply some were les pauls some were CS356s all the 356 guits I've looked were bad I've had two faded cherry ones here at home they were terrible. Also Gibson have none planned for this year according to a dealer, not sure if thats just 2018 Think ill stick with used.
  3. Ronny

    New vs Old

    My original Question was intended to be, do i keep looking for another one with better workmanship on the finish or is this the Gibson standard? The bulls%&ers obviously have low standards if you think those photos are acceptable, or kindly explain the bullshit comments please as i'm missing something. Thanks Ronny.
  4. Ronny

    New vs Old

    Hi folks I checked out five major shops and looked at about 15 different guits all customs and took some screen shots 10 of them had finish problems, some of the worst were £4500 guitars Seems they have forgotten how to do binding especially the 7 ply. Heres 2 dropbox links see what you think. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a3sbp7o0rx30jh7/AAAiaWBaQP-ZV6D_dVhdrJM1a?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j4536abuohwyssv/AABZiZyobdmUJNoGXVlUs7LOa?dl=0 Thanks Ronny.
  5. Ronny

    New vs Old

    How many do you want? 500k allowance. This is a £3500 CS 356 these are from just a few, i sent the guit back and the shop sent me another which was worse its on its way back for a full refund as we speak. Only ever bought used before so surprised, the shop said its a big problem but hopefully when the new owner takes over QC will improved.
  6. Ronny

    New vs Old

    Hi folks I've only ever bought used Gibson and decided to go for a new one this time (online) specifically a 2017 CS 356 custom. It sound great but the finish quality seems really low, amateurish in fact, compared to other guitars i own (Taylor T5z, JTV 59 US Variax) Is this across the board as I'm having second thoughts now Any help would be much appreciated Thanks ronny
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