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  1. I have owned many guitars over the years. I've had J200's, a D28 with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, D18, J15 and now my J45 Studio. I happen to like bright guitars that ring like a bell and this one does. I will never part with this guitar and I love the Walnut back and sides. I did a few mods to the guitar to give it a more "old time" look. Replaced the "studio" truss rod cover with solid black, ivoroid tuning knobs (soon to be replaced with Waverly open gear tuners with ivoroid knobs), ivoroid strap button, bone bridge pins ( I will eventually replace the saddle and nut with bone as well) and a firestripe pick guard. I sold my J15 in order to purchase this J45 and was surprised that it retailed for less than the J15. I realize it has a narrower body, which definitely lends to its brightness and has incredible sustain. So, my vote is for walnut all the way!
  2. Hello, I'm Joel and I am the proud owner of a J45 Studio that is my pride and joy. It took me a long time to realize how cool a slope shoulder guitar really is. My first guitar was a 1977 Takamine F360S which was a great Martin D28 knock off. I'd love to own one today. In my mind, a dreadnought looked like a D28, square shoulders. I've owned many guitars over the years, including three J200 guitars, one rosewood. I wish I still had that one. Anyway, this beautiful J45 that I now own is definitely a keeper.
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