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  2. Hi everyone, New member here. I stumbled across this forum while searching for some info on a guitar that I have (and haven’t found much information on). Seems like a great place to be. Long story short, I’m getting married in a couple of months and the bachelor lifestyle (of owning too many guitars) is getting cut short. So I’m going to be selling off some I’ve collected over the years. This one in particular is kind of strange so I’m hoping someone with more knowledge than me knows something (anything) about it. It’s an “El Caballero”, but not the typical small bodied mahogany version. It’s similar to a jumbo shape (?) with cutaway. And has a very southwestern motif on the headstock and fretboard inlay. Sun setting over the mountains. I’ll try and post some pictures if anyone was curious, but the only thing I’ve been able to find was here. https://en.m.audiofanzine.com/acoustic-electric-folk-western-guitar/epiphone/caballero/ If anyone has any information on these, I’d love to hear. This little oddball (to me at least, maybe it’s more known than I assumed) has always been curious. Thanks for any help! Doug
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