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    "Soapbar" P-90's

    I'm just learning about P-90s. Are soap bars the same size as dog ears, only with a different cover? My '56 ES-175D body had the dog ear style pickups but has none now. Not much info on the web for a newbie. Apparently, the internet wasn't such a big thing in 1956.... I have learned that humbuckers are typically a different size, so did Gibson change the size of es-175 cutouts in 1957 or were those humbuckers the same size as P-90s? I am thinking of getting modern "no hum" versions. Nothing that requires modifying the guitar body. Might consider Gibson P-90s if anyone has an opinion, but I assume Gibson changed in '57 for a good reason
  2. I just got this 1956 ES-175D body. I'm starting from scratch on hardware and looking for advice. I have several questions It appears to have had a Bigsby (two holes in top). Seems like I should replace it just to cover the holes, but I am not sure I want/need one. I've never used one. I've never even held or had a good look at an archtop before. There are none in the shops here in Anchorage 1956 was the last year of single coil pickups. Should I go for original (P90?) or humbuckers? I assume Gibson switched to humbuckers in '57 for a reason I really don't understand how the pickguard mounts. There is a pin (or broken screw?) on the side of the fretboard, and a hole in the side. I have a side bracket but don't understand the pin I assume its valuable. It has an easy-to-repair crack in the side. I can do a pretty good job on the crack, but does it deserve a professional luthier's touch? In that same theme, does it deserve "Only-the-best" hardware and original, possibly vintage parts? I got it for a steal and will probably never sell it, so my concern about value isn't for me--its respect for the guitar. It will outlive me and I don't want future owners cursing me. But, I am curious what people think its worth
  3. I live in Anchorage, AK and always wanted a Gibson. Any Gibson, really I just got this ES175 with no hardware and a crack in the side. Its definitely a fixer upper but it was practically free. I am looking for any advice or comments on the guitar and will be posting in the repair/restoration subforum
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