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  1. Hi all! My mame is Jeff. New here. Own a les paul traditional 2016 and a strat. Currently saving up to buy my first ES-335 guitars. Doing some research online and thinking of getting the es335 traditional 2018. Just not familiar on what the modern C neck profile is. Any feedback on this type of neck or opinions/suggestions on ES guitars would be much appreciated!
  2. Jarf20

    First ES guitar

    Hi All. I have finally decided to purchase my dream guitar - the ES-335. I am quite new to this type of guitar, as previously, i could not afford it. After doing some research online, i have my eye on the ES-335 Traditional 2018 Antique Faded Cherry. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this guitar, as it is a pretty big investment! Also, does anyone know the neck profile on this model? On the website, it says it is a Rounded C. Is that usually thick or thin? Any comments and suggestions would be much appreciated!
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