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  1. Lot of work! Is that bridge plate metal? if it is I would enjoy hearing that thing.
  2. I would take the advice on polishing your new guitars, IMHO My oldest guitar is 55 years old and I have always kept 3 guitars I dont buy sell or trade hardly ever, so I kept what I like. Ive got a bottle of ten or more years old polish almost full. I do polish the neck lightly when I change strings. This is all in MHO I use a warm damp cloth after playing and my guitars according to my jam friends well they look great all the time . Enjoy your new guitar!!!
  3. I dont know Gibson that well but I would wager Gibson makes guitars that sound good to some people and some that dont, just like every other builder. Everyone has there own personal overall tastes, its matching the right guitar to the right person. IMHO
  4. I dont know Gibsons that well but it doesn't look like BRW to me, as stated it looks more in line with IRW. The laminated question I cant answer.
  5. I never realized Chinese letters are blocked or squarish.. Learn somthing everyday!
  6. I can't say anything about Gibson, but I had other brands do exactly the same and I always thought it was just the material ( some types of plastic ) beginning to age. IMHO
  7. Nice guitar, I had an eighties cherry d-25 Guild and I called it "the tank" it was built like a tank and I used it for outdoor things like camping and the sort, it was a fine player did the job when called a pond. Enjoy your new addition its looks really nice!
  8. Sounds pretty cool to me, Thanks
  9. Three most important issues for me are Tone Tone and Tone! IMHO
  10. I guess you are right it must look like Im just picking on Gibson,( wasn't my intent ) I cant see anything wrong with that video. I do know they have had some issues over the years, and I thought I would share the video, Im glad you see it in a positive light. , I've followed Mark for years at Norms and really like the guy and still do. And I still hope Gibsons management right the ship so to speak. Although, I guess to be specific was he suggesting Martin sue everybody that uses X bracing, thats kind of what I heard? Thats just one of the many questions that crossed my mind while watching the video? And again thats me, I hope potential future buyers saw it as good reason to want to buy a Gibson! Because they make really good guitars
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