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  1. Thanks, your song simply works , it is really nice, I listened several times and enjoyed it more each time I heard it. Again thanks for sharing!
  2. I like it too. I think you are on track with music and writing! This is IMHO, I have little experience in writing and find your work to have a good feel! Cheers!
  3. Sweet! use it well! Oh, really pretty guitar btw!
  4. I have little experience ( very little ) with Gibson and Im not sure what wavy means but I've had/have Martins from the 40's through the ,mid 90's and from time to time from the application of the finish ( maybe they applied the finish heavier ons some ) I dont know but as you would look down the soundboard some had that wavy look to the finish and that wasn't a construction issues it is just the way the finish is applied, w/o seeing what you are talking about I cant image what you are talking, I do hope whatever your concerns are that you get some resolution! s
  5. Nice guitar, played beautifully ! Congrats!
  6. "The pyramid on the back of the headstock" Some people call it a "Volute" hopefully not treadjacking but "Just say'in"
  7. Uniquely Interesting! Refreshingly enjoyable! Thanks!
  8. Thank Tom Always an education!
  9. I remember the first hit my first guitar took like it was yesterday, its still one of my go to guitars 30 years later. Ive seen people on you tube steam those dings out, I never did, but i guess it can be done.
  10. I think OP's guitar has a wonderful sound and I missed the part about the pickup but if its a mini IMO they are top of heap for several reasons! And as always the guitars/videos Tom shares is wonderful, he has one guitar that he seldom plays that is ( Again IMO ) the best sounding small bodied guitar I ever heard. Thanks Tom
  11. To each there own Sadly, I would return it or have it repaired, no matter the brand guitar it is, the bridge plate is an important part of the a guitar and that is just not right.
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