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  1. I remember the first hit my first guitar took like it was yesterday, its still one of my go to guitars 30 years later. Ive seen people on you tube steam those dings out, I never did, but i guess it can be done.
  2. I think OP's guitar has a wonderful sound and I missed the part about the pickup but if its a mini IMO they are top of heap for several reasons! And as always the guitars/videos Tom shares is wonderful, he has one guitar that he seldom plays that is ( Again IMO ) the best sounding small bodied guitar I ever heard. Thanks Tom
  3. To each there own Sadly, I would return it or have it repaired, no matter the brand guitar it is, the bridge plate is an important part of the a guitar and that is just not right.
  4. "Will do! What about using the Humidipak with my weather type 85% humity year round" Yes, but keep eye on the guitars humidity daily!!
  5. Being new to Gibson, with a acoustic guitar purchase, is there a free setup with the warranty? Thank in advance!
  6. If its new wouldn't it be under warranty? You have one string buzzing Truss rods dont adjust one string, and I assume the other string are fine? There could be several different things going on , pics would be helpful. Does it buzz without depressing the string or do you need to press the string to get a buzz? If not at what fret does it start? Thats a starting point to understand what's going on. Again pics are always helpful along with some measurements. Their are number for a proper setup but feel is important but you need to know the basics! Good luck and from what Ive seen here there are people that can help you. I know very little about guitars IMHO Good luck OP
  7. I find that tuning to open D and capo at the second fret equals open E Ive kept my guitars in open D for extended periods. I wouldn't leave my guitars in open E natural for long periods. IMO
  8. What kind of electric guitar are you trying to compare an acoustic too?
  9. Im a student of Gibson acoustic so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I would think all ten would be well constructed. Although as I would any brand guitars I doubt out of the ten that I would find MY perfect guitar, IMHO I think there is a difference however slight in all guitars tone and if history repeats itself it would take usually many more than ten guitars to find the sound that appeals totally to me. I really haven't bought a new guitar in more than 20 years, but when I bought new guitars it took a lot of looking and trying them out before I came up with the tone that I wanted.
  10. Sound is in the ears of the beholder, Ive been using Antique Acoustics for years and really like them. But I think ( see above ) that solid pins work better than slotted. I changed all the slotted pins on my guitars over the years I got tired of seeing curled up pins on my guitars that I paid a lot of money for.......IMHO
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