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  1. Thanks a lot , that was very enjoyable!
  2. Very nice I could use some "Cheer"!! and back at ya!!
  3. I dont have a lot of experience with Gibson and its been a long time since I bought new, But when I was buying new guitars, I always preferred high action, for simple reason no guitar builder can come up with a perfect setup, like everything else we are all different, I would give my guitars 3 to 6 months before doing a setup that would suit my needs. IMHO
  4. if it's a difficult spot use Naphtha sparingly. I dont use any cleaners on my guitars so to speak and if I have a really difficult spot Naphtha works for me, I currently dont have a Gibson but I do have Epiphone's and Ive had no issues with their finishes. The same with several of my vintage Martins no finish issues using Naphtha and always works IMHO
  5. Could someone be kind enough to tell me the model of this fine sounding guitar. Thanks in advance!
  6. Really nice thanks, you are a very talented story teller, I always enjoy your tales!
  7. Sorry wish I could help but what Steve suggested was IMHO spot-on!
  8. You did a very nice job on that song, thanks!
  9. 1966 Gibson Guitar SJN Country Western Nice looking guitar at Gryphon I dont know how to post pics but it looks real sweet to me.
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