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  1. I have three Hiscox cases they aren't Gibsons but all three fit as snug as a bug. And I feel quite safe with my guitars stored in them, I travel from the US to Europe with regularity and have never worried about my guitars. Cant say the same before I got them. Of coarse Calton and the like may provide even more security but I cant justify the price difference. IMO
  2. Looks like a nice guitar, Ive never play one, but enjoy and play it a lot!!!
  3. Thanks Tom wonderful playing interesting songs and very informative as always!!!
  4. (Ren Ferguson) placed his initials R F directly under the large Dove on the pick guard." Now thats way cool I would have never noticed it.
  5. +1 on the rattles About 15 years or so ago I came across a d-28 an early 60 model, at one of the guitar stores I visit when I go down to the big city. While trying it out I happened to hear a bit of a rattle in the guitar and I was surprised to find a rattlesnake rattle, its still there btw, Upon asking the owner of the store he told me what he knew about the guitar, I won't bother with the story . Then I started asking around and I was told different stories, some said it was for good luck and other such things, but what I heard the most was that it started when someone found a spider or something inside their Mando, so to scare off unwanted little critters hence the rattle, and over time it spread to larger instruments, also the good luck story pooped up several more times.
  6. Being a newbee with Gibson hollowbodied guitars, I thought lg1s were latter braced and lg2s were X braced? In general terms! And from the players grade lg1's Ive seen posted over the years , IMHO I'd think they run around 1000. to 1400, but Ive never been in the market for one.
  7. Headstock repairs usually make the headstock better than better the break, but as you probably know it takes away a large number of potential buyers, over the years from whatI have seen one ( again) can usually expect a hit of about 40%. to 50% IMHO
  8. I had one of those 80's Cherry d-25s Guild, that thing was built like a tank, it didn't sound bad, just way over built, Im glad I had it, it was a good campfire (type) guitar. I sold it for a 93 d-16h which was as light as a feather.
  9. I would have thought Mark may have visited Fen with some unique offer by now, his name gets lot of milage in guitar world Good luck in his endeavor, deservedly!
  10. Thanks a lot , that was very enjoyable!
  11. Very nice I could use some "Cheer"!! and back at ya!!
  12. I dont have a lot of experience with Gibson and its been a long time since I bought new, But when I was buying new guitars, I always preferred high action, for simple reason no guitar builder can come up with a perfect setup, like everything else we are all different, I would give my guitars 3 to 6 months before doing a setup that would suit my needs. IMHO
  13. if it's a difficult spot use Naphtha sparingly. I dont use any cleaners on my guitars so to speak and if I have a really difficult spot Naphtha works for me, I currently dont have a Gibson but I do have Epiphone's and Ive had no issues with their finishes. The same with several of my vintage Martins no finish issues using Naphtha and always works IMHO
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