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  1. Well i should have the WD music bigsby for my SG here on Monday. I also ordered a vibramate plate for the bigsby so that i don't have to drill the guitar to install it and i won't have the studs visible from the the tailpiece will need to be removed
  2. So i just ordered a WD Music bigsby from GC. What is the difference between the WD and the regular bigsby. I've heard that the licensed bigsby's don't stay in tune as well and are made cheaper. But everything i've read seemed like speculation. Has anyone used the WDMusic bigsby or should i send it back and get the regular bigsby?
  3. yea i think i will definitely get the vibramate. Thanks! thats the first i have heard of those. I really didn't want to drill it for the bigsby. I also found this today pic today that is exactly like my guitar but they call it an SG special lite. I've never heard of a lite but apparently i have one. http://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-sg-special-lite-sold-1985-black#
  4. Yea i already ordered the half face pick guard mainly because i could not find a full face that would fit without modification. The fretboard is too close to the neck pickup. BTW where would one pick up a Maestro. I have not seen them at any of the popular online music warehouses. Tried Guitar center, musicians friend and AMS... no luck
  5. Here is my finally refinished 1986 gibson SG ... Special i think. Does any one think i would ruin it by putting a bigsby and a pickguard on it?
  6. I've heard the the customs are really rare... how about the standards. I don't see many around. Are the standards worth what the customs are??
  7. yea. I still have the knob, just part of the back broke... grrrrrr
  8. I think this vox combo sounds great though i don't actually own one. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Vox-Custom-Classic-AC15CC1-15w-1x12-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-103635231-i1145854.gc I have an old 70's traynor MARKIII tube head and a 4x12 cab. I got my traynor head for about $250 and it is loooouuuddd and has great tone. I play indy music but the guy i bought it from was all blues and classic rock so its malleable. Here is the little brother of the head i've got for sale on ebay. I'd say i would rather have the smaller because the head weighs almost as much as my 4x12 cabinet. They made the transformers huge and heavy in those old heads. http://cgi.ebay.com/70s-VINTAGE-TRAYNOR-TUBE-AMP-YBA-1A-LOOK_W0QQitemZ120426442474QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item1c09f9aeea&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50 I've got a '86 Les Paul Studio, an '86 SG special, and '95 Epiphone Sheraton Semi-hollow and a cheap Squier jagmaster and it sounds great will all of them.
  9. here it is now that the stain is on it. Don't know how much you can tell from these pics. this one is just stain. i wish i had taken a pic before i stripped it. I can't find any anywhere... grrrr.
  10. i just noticed that my binding is not as nice as yours. Mine is thinner and does not have the black pin strips
  11. Here is my Les Paul Studio and i checked the serial and it is a 1986. The serial is 82876529
  12. Mine looks exactly like yours except that it has chrome hardware. But i've got the binding and everything else. I'll post a pic tonight when i get off work. I may have the date wrong. I'll post the head stock as well.
  13. They don't have one like mine. I have not had a chance to post pic mainly cause i've started refinishing it. I just put the wood stain on last night and tonight i plan on spaying it with some lacquer or polyurethane
  14. actually that link really helped. I searched google images for a 1986 gibson sg special and i found a guitar just like mine here.... http://www.visionmaker.biz/Images/1_sg_gibson.jpg i don;t have the black plastic that covers the knobs though. but my guitar looks almost exactly like this one which is why i'm refinishing it as well.
  15. yes but my bridge is completely different. I've got the normal SG bridge and tailpiece.
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