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  1. +1 I feel the same way. My first LP was a Classic Sunburst from 2002. I never got comfortable with the pickups and when I finally had the change to play a Standard side by side with the classic I new that I had to get the Standard and let the Classic go. I'd always had that feeling but the Standard confirmed it for me. But my Standard is a Faded model from early 05. The first year. Seems to be a great guitar and not the same as other Standards.
  2. Great looking Std Faded! Great Choice! The reason they go for such a high price is because they ARE that good! I love mine and I'm happy to say that I got it at a bargain price considering what they are going for now. They didn't make them for very long and they got really popular fast. Maybe thats why Gibson discontinued them? Either way don't worry, They are one of those rare models that have been going up in price and have been since I got mine used in 2007. Mine btw, is a 2005 Tobacco with a 60's Neck profile. Gibson Only made the 60's Necks for 2 years! In this day of mass production the Standard Faded actually stands out and the price reflects the demand.
  3. Not that this helps but this is one of the biggest reasons I own a Standard Faded. When I first ran my hands down the neck of my 2005 LP Std Faded I knew I had found the one for me! Good luck. If everything fails you can always sand it!
  4. Beautiful Faded for sure! I think I like better then mine...... Sweet. I want to have Larry do the Paul Green mod on my Std Faded, but I can't pull the trigger and ship my guitar away!
  5. I'd sell a kid or chop off my left testy before I get rid of my 05 Standard Faded.........!
  6. Thats not a Standard. Its a Studio. No, they don't' make a Standard Faded anymore. Produced in 2005 and Discontinued in 2009. 60's Necks were discontinued in 2007
  7. Wow, This was like walking through a crime scene investigation! Good eyes on everyones part.
  8. I think he Just wants to shoot someone
  9. Well I never dreamed of it, or even heard of it! But after I played it I knew it would forever be in my dreams. It's no R9 or some fancy pricey LP. It's just a 2005 Standard Faded. 60's Neck.
  10. Well I've had a lot of valve (Tube) amps and I must say that when I got my hands on my current JCM800, I never looked back! I was lucky and picked it up for $400 but you can still get them for under 1K.
  11. Xinnix

    Put covers on pups

    Its super easy. Just two small solder joints to hold the covers on and thats it. Does the sound get a little smoother? Not sure what you mean by that. I think you might loose a little volume but I've never noticed it on mine.
  12. Actually, thats how you do it. I have Marshall JCM800. I highly recommend one.
  13. Just get what you want!
  14. Thats debatable! I digress.. You need to start working up the old ladder. Talk to the store Manager and be firm. They sold you a lemon and its their responsibility to fix it or replace it. Having someone other then GC try to setup the guitar doesn't void any warranties! Especially if GC tried and failed! Call your local BBB. Make a formal complaint. You would be amazed how this can help. Get ahold of the GC Regional Manager. Flood them with letters. Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE IN and DON'T GIVE UP! Hell, I'd even go as far as to stand in front of their store with a sign telling everyone who goes in that they won't honor warranties! Throwing it on eBay will only screw some innocent buyer and probably cause you more headache's then its worth.
  15. I'm not in that boat. I'm glad they discontinued them because Its rare these days to get your hands on a special run of guitars that only last a couple of years. Bringing them back would tarnish all that........ for me
  16. I had a friend who's car was broken into while playing golf and his Les Paul was stolen. I know, why would anyone be playing golf with a Gibson Les Paul in the trunk! Anyway, His Homeowners policy actually covered it and he got a brand new one.
  17. I can only guess by the price that it was a Studio of some sort. As far as a Tobacco finish on a Studio? I haven't seen one. The Gary Moore comment could indicate that it might be a Standard Faded, which did come in Tobacco. But they were a lot more then $900 and were discontinued in 2008. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will have more info.
  18. Great Story! Congratulations on the new Axe. So basically you like the sound of a weight relieved Gibson LP...? Interesting... It is rather funny when you start to think about the way a good guitar comes into your life. I had a 2002 1960 Classic that I bought new, but never really loved. A couple of years ago I came across an add on CraigsList where this guy was selling a Gibson LP Standard Premium Plus with a 60's neck! It looked great in the pictures and the price was right for that guitar, so I decided to take a look at it. I went over there, Played it and Immediately fell in love with it so I wrote him a check for $1600. I took it home with the intention of selling my Classic to help pay for it. Well after getting it home I did some research and came to the conclusion that it wasn't a Standard Premium Plus but rather a 2005 Standard Faded Model in Tobacco. Heck, I'd never even heard of that model at the time.... So I called the guy back and told him what I had found and that it wasn't the guitar I thought I was buying. He immediately offered to not cash the check and take the guitar back, which was cool. But I had a dilemma, I REALLY liked this guitar and I didn't really want to part with it. So I asked him if he would come down in price. He really didn't want to and touted how great the guitar was and it was worth every penny, which I agreed. But I stood my ground and said it wasn't what I purchased. About 15 minutes later he gave in and tore up the original check and I wrote him a new one for $1400. I also got the strap locks and a nice leather strap he had been using with it. Within a week I had sold my Classic for..... $1400! I broke Even!!! So in the end I got a guitar I wasn't looking for, and It didn't cost me anything. I couldn't be happier with how things went down. IT was meant to be. Since then I've played upwards of 50 different Gibson Les Pauls. None have impressed me as much as this one, which still gives me goose bumps.
  19. Thanks! I'm still in love with it for sure! Plus, they are going up in price. I saw a Tobacco with a 60's neck go for over $2400 on eBay a couple of weeks ago! If they bring them back then I wouldn't have such a special guitar anymore. So personally, I'm hoping they stay discontinued!
  20. Good News! Don't forget the used market! I'd bet dollars to donuts you can find a smoking deal on a used Gibson LP if you are willing to be patient and look around. I can't tell you how many times I've see someone selling basically a new one for half price because they played it a couple if times and then gave up. I love Gibson LP's but I've never bought a new one and I've never regretted it...... Also, the money left over can get you a sweet Marshall Amp! Good Luck.
  21. I don't think its strange that it sat for awhile. Thats GC and I'd never buy a guitar off of their walls. I once had them try to sell me a 3k Breedlove acoustic but neglected to tell me that the "humidified" Guitar Room hadn't had a working humidifier for almost a year! And I live in a very dry area! Denver, CO. If it were me, I would be pissed! I'd be going back and either tell them to refund some serious money for selling you a 3yr old guitar for the price of a new one. For christ sake, not only did it sit in GC for that long, I'm sure its been played enough by customers and employees to be considered used. If they don't see it that way, then I would make them take it back and buy a used one for half the price or make them give you a "NEW" one! Ask yourself this. Would you pay top dollar for a new Gibson LP and then let it sit for 3years? I doubt it. And even if you did and decided to sell it, do you think you could get your purchase price for it? NOPE
  22. It would be nice to know the exact pricing on both in your area. Have the prices been posted? Am I missing something? I assumed you were talking about a New Traditional which I believe you can get here for $2200 or $2300, verse a Used 1995 Standard which can be had for $1300 to $1800. I don't know why the Traditional is 400 usd cheaper. Its not here.
  23. I'd put my money into the Traditional. The reason is purely financial. If you spend the same on the Standard you won't have a warranty and you could have gotten the same guitar for less somewhere else. Basically thats it. I have an 05 Standard and I wouldn't sell it for anything. But I also know what its worth! I'm sure the 95 Standard is a good axe, but it is used and should be sold that way. To ask for the same price as a new Traditional is ludicrous and the owner is just being unrealistic.
  24. I could be wrong but from 1983 to 2006 the Standard is basically the same guitar.
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