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  1. Your LP definitely looks like a post-August 2008 Standard (S/N states it was built on Sept 16th, 2008) and this new model has a new neck profile. This new neck is designed to be thicker on the bass side, and thinner on the treble side, closely outlining the natural form of the hand as it grips the neck. From musicradar.com: Gibson advertises an 'asymmetrical' neck profile that's quite rare. Here the bass-side is more 'D' shaped and the treble side is more of a 'C' with a shallower shoulder. It's slightly less deep (20.5mm at the first fret, 22.73 at the 12th) than Gibson's '50s rounded profile that, while similar at the first (21.28mm), fills out to 25.5mm by the 12th. Hope this helps...
  2. From the Gibson Backstage Pass - Gibson Custom Shop Setup Tips... Set pickup height. Fret on the last fret of the guitar. Pole pieces should be 3/64” from the bottom of the string. Cheers!
  3. The one that I got my hands on was 'On Special' just after they discontinued this particular model for the new post-August 2008 Faded, and they still have one (the exact same model as mine) on the wall at Steve's Music in downtown Montreal for $200 more... They're already going up in value! I like that!
  4. Hi Faded Club... Here is my 2008 Faded originally purchased in October 2008 by a buddy who goes through guitars like I go through underwear :-) and he let me have it at 25% less than what he paid for it just 6 months before!!! I had the opportuntunity to buy a Studio a couple of years ago but did not like the feel of it and found it just way to heavy!!! But the moment I saw this Faded I fell in love with it... They are beautiful!!! When I first got it I wasn't overly impressed with the action (I'm used to my Ibanez JS 700 where the strings just whisper over the frets) so I went to my local luthier and he set the action lower, set the intonation, put on some lock straps, and now it sings... Another thing I find is that this guitar gets sweeter the more I play it... Cheers!
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