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  2. Hey, Welcome to this site. I'm a relative newbie to the git, but have learned a lot of good stuff here. As far as a setup, I have found that one setup is not right for everyone. I had my older PR350E in for a refret/saddle "job". The best thing for the git and ME was that the tech made me play the git while he watched. He watched my technique (or lack of) then took the git to "tweek" the setup for my lack of technique. It was a totally different playing instrument. Since that experience, I would take any new guitar to this tech for a setup check and possible "tweeking". I don't think t
  3. I'm thinking of getting either a Casino or 175. What I want is to be able to get decent sound "unplugged". A Casino and/or 175 were suggested to "fill the bill". How would you rate the 175 "unplugged"? I play strictly in the confines of my own home and right now do not even have an amp.
  4. Thanks, that is VERY helpfull. The next time I get tpo the "Big City", I'll try to find a shop that has a Casino or 175. Keeping It Fun, Dean
  5. I'm a relative newbie to guitar, much less semi-hollows. I have 3 acoustics, 2 of which are Epi's. I have developed an interest in semi-hollows. I've posted a few questions here in the past on the subject and have followed up on the suggestions. I've played a few and came to the conclusion that I need the wider nut that Epi offers. Living in the middle of no where in northern WI, USA, I don't have easy access to music shops to try a lot of gits. My goal is to find one that will sound reasonably well unplugged as well as plugged. Cost-wise, the DOT would get me going, but how are they un
  6. One of my gits is an Epi EL-00. I wanted a bit "brighter" sound from it. Someone at a local music shop suggested I try Martin strings on it. I can't remember exactly which ones. They are the ones with a winding at the saddle. I was having problems breaking a D string way to often. He suggested the Martin strings may solve that problem. BUT, the side effect was a much brighter sound from the little EL-00. They are "lights". Keeping It Fun, Dean
  7. The best advice given to me on this site 2 years ago when I started was to "take your time" and "play whatever you can get your hands on". I was told that "sound" is such a personal thing. They were right. Next up was "playability"; how does it fit you. I now have 2 Epiphones; PR350E and EL00. They are completely different from each other. The PR350E is a full size Dread and the EL00 is a small Parlour. I love playing them both. I've since added a Taylor Grand Concert to the mix. Each is unique in it's own way as far as "sound" and "playability". But I enjoy all 3. Having the right
  8. I've had one for about a year, now and LOVE it. It is the neatest littel git to sit on the couch and just enjoy playing. I use it for practice because the shorter scale length makes me be more precice in my fingering. I tried to put some flat-wound strings on it but it got too mellow. I had to put some "brighter" strings on to get the sound I liked. Keep It Fun, Dean
  9. Ship.............having fun with the git is the reason I got my grand son and grand daughter going on this "journey". Keeping It Fun, Dean
  10. A while back I posted a problem with my PR350E that had a TWANG on the B-string. The shop I finally took it to diagnosed the problem as a worn saddle and grooved first 4 fretts. The tech did a GREAT job on it. I didn't want the expense of a custom bone saddle and he couldn't find an "off the shelf" Tusq saddle. So, he shimmed the saddle. He was also able to just refrett the first 4 and polish them into alignment. the sound is BACK!!! As an extra benefit, he found the reason by e-pickup wasn't working, it was in the saddle slot askew. Straightening the PU in the slot has resulted in my
  11. The TAYLOR web site has a great section on tone woods. It was VERY interesting to read. Keep It Fun, Dean
  12. Thanks for the reply.............I'm going to check that out the next time I get to the "Big City". I'll take it with me to a reputable shop. Keep It Fun, Dean
  13. I just got my PR350 back from the Doc's today. He had a problem finding a pre-made/modifiable saddle so I told him to just go ahead with the nut and that I'd play it for a while before deciding what my next step would be. It plays and sounds very good. The twang is not noticeable at all. In context of strumming, you'd never notice it. SO, I'm HAPPY with it, again. But, I'm still going to take my wife up on her suggestion to find a new guitar. How can I refuse an offer like that!!!!! Keep It Fun, Dean
  14. Thanks for the quick reply, TK. I just read the part in Frets.com on fret problems. I understand the issues. I know my PR350 is not a top end, expensive git (only paid $125usd used). But it is my first git and I love playing it. My wife doesn't understand my sentimentality toward it. She's encouraging me to just trade it off for a new git. I'm going to check out the cost of refurbishing, though. My problem is where I live, there are no convenient places available. The middle of the north woods of Wisconsin is not a "hot spot" for music shops/luthiers. Thanks again and Keep It Fun, De
  15. Recently my PR350 developed a "twang" on the B-string. I was advised by other players that the problem was either a worn nut or saddle. I took it to the doc's to have both replaced. I stopped there today to "visit" my baby. Doc showed me where the first 3 fretts are quite grooved from the strings. Poor Baby!! He told me he didn't have the equipment or expertise to redo the fretts and that they are grooved too deeply to just "dress". I've heard where some shops that don't do a good job of making sure the fretts have the proper radius to match the board return a git that does not play up
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