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  1. What are you looking to get in it's place?
  2. I have seen many photos of the custom Bolivian Les Paul that Slash has been touring with this year, but does anyone know if there is a plan for Gibson to release it as a signature model? I am really hoping for a USA model of this guitar to come out!
  3. justjoshin

    Serial #'s

    So I have noticed a few threads on here where people are having a tough time figuring out what a guitar is from Gibson. The local GC has a 2016 LP Gold Top that I was interested in that has a "Traditional" truss rod cover installed, but a buddy of mine says it is actually a Traditional Pro model. I sent the serial # to Gibson customer service to see if they could give me any info and they replied with nothing. The reply wanted the serial # (already sent it???), pictures, and to open up the guitar and inspect to any writing.... What is the purpose of the serial #??? Might as well stamp the year and call it good if they do not have a database with the info. I work in a field where the serial # is used to pull up all of the info for a product within minutes of the request, and this is just hard for me to understand.
  4. Where did you find that? That is good news if so!
  5. So basically they will put a "Standard" truss rod cover on what is now the "Traditional", and that will be the new 50's spec "Standard".... Some changes to the now "Classic" and you will have the 60's spec "Standard". I need a "Standard" truss rod cover for my "Traditional" then!!! Looking forward to see what the full line looks like later in the year.
  6. Looks like a Joe bonamassa model, nice! Been contemplating getting one of these myself. Any issues getting the poker chip on the switch, plenty of threads? I like the natural wood instead of binding personally.
  7. Does anyone know when the new Standards will be hitting the stores? I am very interested in the 50's spec goldtop!
  8. Sweetwater has limited edition exclusive Tributes with traps on the boards in gold and black satin. I was about to order a goldtop but now I second guessing that after seeing the new NAMM videos. Interested in the new 50's standard model in Gold...
  9. My new 2018 Honey Burst Traditional. Very first Gibson I have owned and this thing looks amazing!
  10. I picked up a very affordable amp recently for bedroom practice. This: https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=115&cp_id=11501&cs_id=1150102&p_id=611815&seq=1&format=2 It has been a great practice amp so far and there is actually a sale going on right now with code (BFNOW) to get 20% off! All tube, reverb, FX loop, 1 or 15 watt, & Celestion speaker. It takes pedals very well and sounds very good on its own. Can't beat this amp for the price.
  11. I just recently purchased a 2018 traditional and have been playing it every day since picking it up. It did require some adjustments out of the box but it is a very nice guitar. Enjoy!
  12. Hello everyone, At the age of 44 and drooling over images of Gibson Les Paul guitars for 30 years, I have finally added one to my collection. Picked up a 2018 Traditional this week in Honey Burst finish. It has a beautiful flame and is everything I have ever wanted. It did require a little adjusting as the neck was not perfect and action needed adjusting too. I am like a little kid at Christmas time right now!
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