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  1. Reaper! Its vst routing shape is one of the most comfortable of the market and is not so complicated as Cubase, for example. Its a daw that weighs almost nothing and it is said that, along with Samplitude, have the best audio engines in the market . In relation to PC processes, reaper is the king, I have had many tracks projects and it just consume 14% of the computer and using big VSTi. I think it is he daw of the future and its price is more than ridiculous for what it offers. Without a doubt a great system for work and composition. Even though I have a huge affection for adobe audition, in fact I still use mostly for editing guitar tracks when a noise slip trough. Its noise reduction tool is stunningly effective and I think is the best I've tried of all daw. Even the license if it is not free, it never expires, it can be used as often as you like without limitations, now if you like it you can purchase it and its worth doing it, because its cheap and all the other possibilities that offers..It's worth tasting it. greetings
  2. Excelente!!! Con un video es como mas facil entender paso a paso las cosillas :- Estaremos atento Saludos
  3. Excelente tutorial Thundergod,seria espectacular que hicieras un video tutorial, sobre todo como instalar la cuerdas,jejeje pero bueno,eso seria mucho pedir y tiempo no nos sobra mucho,jjejeje. Excelente tutorial.
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