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  1. I have FB Studio Ebony 2005...I changed pups for Seymoyr-Duncan Vintage Blues calibrated set. This is my slide axe, tuned to open G. Great guitar, it has LP bottom and SG middle range together.60`s neck profile is perfect for my slide playing.
  2. useful link for tube comparison... http://www.thetubestore.com/Gain-Factor
  3. useful link for comparison... Gain Factor
  4. Ibanez AD-100 or AD-80 analog delay if you can find one. http://www.harmonycentral.com/products/84292
  5. I saw this amazing gentleman`s gig few weeks ago in Finland. Absolutely pure blues from living legend :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-5KoP4o4Xc&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOuaBXifEzI&feature=related
  6. For gigs Ibanez LU-20 is a great tuner, accurate as Boss TU-20, wide display is easy to read on the dark stages. Bomb Proof, easy to use, reasonably priced. Some review: http://www.jemsite.com/compare-guitar-effects/Ibanez-LU20-tuner/reviews/
  7. Swedish prefer soother ...yesterday was sooo sweet after 16 years...
  8. Here`s the relief for GAS :) Pile of JR`s
  9. For your entertainment: Relentless, Recless Forever-Free Listen mp3
  10. One luthier advise me to buy a very basic hygrometer for that room where keeping guitars.Especially winter months decreases humidity, and if it goes below 35% he recommend to keep acoustics in a hard case and use the humidifier to avoid top cracks and shrink of wood.I have had now Planet Waves humidifier about 3 years without problems, no stick out fret ends etc.anymore if you check it once in a week.Easy to use. Planet Waves humidifier
  11. I have GAS to buy Junior...just found new unplayed one for sale 700$ in europe, it`s reissue JR 1958 Satin Vintage Sunburst. I`d like to hear some opinions from players who uses fender amps...how does it sound? I noticed from pics that eljay has Blues Beluxe... As fender is typically "bright" amp, how well the guitar tone pot works, does it give smooth control without "eating" the sound? I got Twin 1994, and I just cant try the guitar before my decision as it located in middle europe...good for rock, blues and slide? Any experiences/opinions will be highly appreciated.
  12. The bass player in my band got REALLY serious GAS for Ampeg...so now he has SVT VR 300w and SVT AV 300w heads and four SVT Classic 8x10" cabinets...now we have troubles to fit ourself in to our rehearsal room...it is loaded by huge bass wall ;(
  13. At the moment Digitech Whammy 4...nice tricks with harmonics.
  14. Hmm... no pics of 2011 FB studio. I got old series FB studio(discontinued), it has PAF full size humbuckers instead mini-humbuckers and Grover Mini tuners instead of banjo type Steinbergers.The neck is `60 slim taper.No idea is this new 2011 model similar.
  15. Supercool pics! Is this second shot from finnish sauna...?
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtdfQPEjTRw Epic.
  17. A lot of talk about this topic: http://www.muzique.com/news/compressor-placement-on-your-pedalboard/
  18. have you checked out this...but as you say the guitar is old, this fusco guitars shop has been found 1992 and might not then fit in your case: http://www.fuscoguitars.com/prodotti.php?cat=1
  19. Hmm...sounds like your post office did not offer any online tracking for you? USPS priority mail has got it and you get the tracking code when send the parcel.Parcel is then registered in every transit hub via it`s way.I saw by tracking my parcel came from USA into Finland in a four days.Also USPS tracking code is nowadays compatible with any European transit, so you can use the same code all the time when tracking online.
  20. Ah, I didn´t notice he don´t sell mod parts, just modded pedals. I bought my own modded pedal from a friend few year ago.
  21. A very useful place to check out if you are looking for mod kits: http://www.analogman.com/ts9.htm#samples I got a AnalogMan 808 brown modded TS-9, and it is f#####g silky smooth.
  22. -Anyhow, if you are going to your friend I do recommend to bring the guitar with you.If you send it, your friend have to pay EU duty & taxes to get it out from customs,and it adds about 26% cost.In my case duty was 3,20% and tax 23%. When calculating customs values EU includes the the freight into the value to be declared.So in your case your friend will then pay duty&taxes about $850 value, roughly estimated.
  23. I got my dobro I bought from USA via USPS Priority mail international, weight of the parcel was about 23 lb, freight $98,15. Insurance up to $650 adds $9,40 so the total was $107,55.Delivery time was about 5 days. You can calculate the total prices by USPS online pages in advance if you know the parcel dimensions and weight, see link below: usps
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep9zA9BJlIw&feature=related
  25. Killer tunes...Rory was really skilled to produce a big sound...R.I.P. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdkuHgSzNhg
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