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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

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    Kisses Eltoffer

  2. Well finally I got back form Gibson, they state to send the replacement part to me lets see what happen next, I would take 10-15 days and this is the actual issue
  3. Thank man, Im just frustrated I have tried to reach them by mail (service@gibson.com) but no success the guitar is under warranty I was brand new when I purchased it, I haven't received ANY reply from Gibson yet, that's why I came here trying to get some help from an admin, or the right email service By email, by forum, by their website customer support messages... Oh come on!! if this is all the support you can provide, save it. Just take my place, this kind of guitar is not the cheapest one moreover i had tried to reach them 5 times in almost 3 weeks and NO reply at all, I could be less dramatic if only they show some empathy for their customers
  4. thi is my 5th attempt trying to get some help from you. Hi I feel very disappointed to write you about this matter. I bought a LP HP 2017 a few months ago, this was the guitar of my dreams and once I got the chance to perform live and playing live music as my lifestyle , I did the effort to get it. Everything was great until now I had to change the strings and make some adjustments when I finally did the whole process, I noticed that one looking thumbwheel was loose when I screwed the lock cap on, to finally realice the tip was broke/fall apart, I have read on your forum there are some people with the same issue, I have also noticed on your next HP models (2018, 2019) you removed the locking caps both on the bridge and stopbar, to be honest I found this feature a great one, and this was one main reasons to pick this particular model, I do assume you already know about this issue, but we all costumers have no guilty, you offer the “premium” guitars as the HP models but that’s no true.
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