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  1. Hi Alan, have you looked at a Gibson les Paul Jr or faded special ? they are fantastic guitars without the bells and whistles and on preowned market can be had for around 500-600 or so range and its a real Gibby! generally a little more but if your patient one will show up for a good price...
  2. Im in! just picked up a VERY fast crunchy loud 04 Gibson Les paul Special trans red ... i tested the pickups and getting about 14.5 bridge 8.8 on neck... if I remember correctly... this is hand down louder and sonic than any of my others, however this is my only gibson... I have 3 Epis ( one is an 05 Limited Edition Goldtop with black back ) and upgraded pickups and electrical to a new set of pro buckers and electrical with coil tapping volume pots.. just a plug n play epi pro electronics... its a VERY nice sweet sounding les paul! but its nowhere near as hot and meaty and deep bassy as the Gibby.. there just is something about this Special! anyway.. glad to be here! now pics!
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