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  2. Hello I own a Vestax Typhoon controller... which worked perfectly OK on DD 2.43... but not on DD 2.72 now installed in my laptop... DD 2.43 shows " Remote Controller " option on the Preferences Menu Set up... and automatically recognizes it and shows it on the controller list with picture and everything as soon as its plugged in, even, there is a " Scan " button to search for plugged in hardware... Somehow that " Remote Controller " option was dropped in DD 2.7 version... the only thing in the Preferences Set up menu is "Midi Controller" option...however, it recognizes the Vestax Typhoon because shows it " ON " in the In & OUT preferences ( it show it green On...) but that is all... on the "Control Surface" option I can see some Vestax controllers but not Vestax Typhoon... I've been trying to look the Midi Script for The Vestax Typhoon in forums but so far no luck... can some one guide me how to make my Vestax Typhoon working with DD 2.7 Please...? Thanks in advance
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