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  1. Thanks to everyone for the replies, I have been using "used" dryer sheets and I will check under the back control cover and I will try to be patient and hopefully the static will eventually go away on its own , if I do see anything that doesn't look right under the control cover I will post back here with pics - Thanks again for your time Joe
  2. Guitar is about 3 months old, purchased from Sweetwater, had the Techs there do a setup prior to sending out the guitar, I live in central New York and we are in the middle of winter, furnace is running frequently, have whole house humidifier running but only able to keep house humidity around 40% I keep (2) Boveda humidifier packs (49%) in each guitar case Getting snaps and crackles out of amp when touching strings or anything metal on the SG, also when I rub the control plate cover on the back of the body, nothing from the pick guard (none of this happens when I have my Telecaster plugged in using exact same setup) Talked to the SW techs about this and they are quite sure it is "static build up" caused by the nitro finish, they did say however I could take it to a certified Gibson repair shop, under warranty, if I feel it is necessary, for now I tend to agree about the "static" I have tried the "dryer sheet" fix, not seeing that help much, maybe a little and the sheets leave a film on the guitar body, Dunlop 65 cleans that right up, also been keeping a couple of dryer sheets in the cases I'm thinking about removing the back control cover just to look and see if there is anything that doesn't look right ( loose wire, bad solder joint etc.) because of the warranty I will just look (for now) This is my 1st Gibson, so I have nothing to compare this to and I don't remember the guitar doing this when I 1st got it I know forum members here have a lot more knowledge about these things than I ever will, so I am looking for some of your thoughts on this matter BTW - I just love the SG, how it plays, the sound, the looks everything but the static :-) Thanks in advance Joe
  3. Sorry for taking so long to get back here. Have ordered and received the following: Marshall DSL1HR 1 watt Tube Head and Marshall MX112R 80 watt 1 x 12 Extension Cabinet These fit nicely into my room and they look great and sound even better Thanks to everyone who took some time to help me figure this purchase out I have pics but can't figure how to add them here ????? Joe
  4. New to this forum and not sure if this the right thread to post in - if this needs to be moved please let me know - Recently bought a Gibson SG Std 61 and would like to replace amp combo I have now, which I have never cared for anyways, it is a Fender Mustang 1 V.2 No gigging, strictly home use, room size I play in is slightly less than 10 x 10 Been doing lots of looking on line and the "Marshall DSL1HR @1watt w/Marshall MX112R cab. w/Clestion 70/80 speaker looks interesting, low power that sounds GOOD is a must and that setup get good reviews Would absolutely appreciate any helpful info from forum members that have much more experience than myself Thanks Joe
  5. Hi everyone, just received my 1st Gibson from SW about 2 weeks ago, SG Std '61, also have Fender tele (squier)CV and PRS acoustic, been using a Fender Mustang 1 v.2 amp, just got back into playing after many many years away from it. Just wanted to introduce myself and what equipment I have, need some help picking out a new amp but will post that request in appropriate thread. Joe
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