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  1. My hats off to you. Great guitar work. I would put this in the Lounge this is a not a place most see. CW PS NICE WORK!!!!
  2. Read this page. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/help/faq?s=files&i=wma-proprietary Then go here http://www.allmusicconverter.com/?gclid=CLWX2ZaIyaECFQEMDQodFjfQcw CW
  3. I lost 45 lbs and snack food is what put it on. No fast food at all and no snack food. I feel like I'm 30 again. I eat 3 meals a day and I cook them myself so I'm always getting something I like. Oh I work out everyday to. It's tough getting old I used to be able to eat all I wanted. Not any more. CW
  4. I had to do that a couple years back. I can't remember right off hand but when I get home I'll check for ya. I must be getting old here's the link I used. Hope it helps http://audacity.sourceforge.net/help/faq?s=install&item=lame-mp3 CW
  5. Well in this case it's totally alright. Pretty good 1319 CW
  6. I prefer the box to my pocket. Just sayin. LOL CW
  7. I couldn't get into Slash while he was with GNR Axel put such a bad taste in my mouth that even though they had some good tunes he ruined it. Slither made me stand up and notice Slash. Great riff and wah on the lead. I listen to him now. CW
  8. I know you'll have a good time so enjoy yourself. Your Flyer looks great too. Looks like your ready to ROCK. CW
  9. I just don't under stand a comment like this. You know how it makes you look? That's one of the finest mods I've seen on here. I think it came out great. How does the new Pup sound and what kind of a neck are you going to get? Enjoy and if you do another I know we'd all like to see it. CW
  10. Ever heard of Harmony Central? All questions are answered there in reviews. Here all you get is buy this amp I have it and it's the only one it does everything the best IMHO. CW
  11. Are these something new? Could you give a little more info? CW
  12. Crazy weather here too. It snowed. Woke up and the ground was covered with snow. Got the wood burner stoked up. BRRRRRR CW
  13. There's no better feeling then turning them up. I do it all the time. I live alone and take full advantage of it. Put the dogs in the garage (don't want to hurt there ears) and wail. The amps just don't sound good unless your pushing them hard. Have fun. CW
  14. Welcome to the forum. You found your self a beauty at a great price. CW
  15. Blackie have you gone into the fake business. I also think it's against the rules to have multiple login's/ CW
  16. Here's a YouTube vid of the Fret Rocker. I don't have the tools to do the work. I wouldn't use a 6" straight. Watch the vid and you'll know why. CW
  17. Screws on the pick guard are wrong for a late 70's. There is a smell I will agree. CW
  18. Is the paint on the headstock where it should say Gibson. It looks like a late 70's but has the wrong inlays. CW
  19. i just got my Studio back for my bud I jam with. Couple of weeks ago we were working on Jessica and he was playing it and said it needed some work. He's one of the best luither's in the area so I said go ahead take it with you. I have been doing the set up's and thought it was playing great. Little didI know. He leveled and crowned the frets, did a neck adjustment and the rest needed for a setup. It's plays like a dream. He said that the frets were worn and needed leveling bad. I couldn't tell and he said unless you have bad fret buzz you wouldn't now. The strings are barely off the frets. It's now super fast and the notes just ring out. He now has my 2 PRS's and when he's done with those he gets the SG and Standard. I can honestly say I thought it was good now it's the way it should be. The lesson learned. You can't tell if the frets are right they have to be checked. Oh and don't wait 5 years CW
  20. I've played the combo and it just doesn't cut it. Every 5 watt combo I've tried isn't even close to the head version. I just tried the Egg tweaker and it's not bad but since I have the Blackstar I'm perfectly happy. I am really starting to like my VM 2266 50 with the dual pre amp controls it's the best new Marshall in my book. It makes my Tele sound great. CW
  21. Hey Izzy I have leather in the Benz and cloth in the Jeep. I like the cloth seats. The cloth aren't cold in the winter and sticky or hot in the summer. As far as the Bose all their good qualities are canceled out by road and car noise. Mazda's are good cars and real sharp looking. CW
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