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  1. So I took the guitar to my local tech...and lo and behold, he flipped the saddle and got the intonation spot-on. He also tweaked the guitar's bridge & neck and now it plays like butter ... low action and no fret buzz. It's a great feeling when you get your guitar back and it practically plays itself ! My only concern now is that if the trend continues, I'll need to replace the bridge.
  2. Thanks for the response ! I think I'll be paying a visit to my luthier in the very near future... I know many players like modding their guitars, but I like mine the way it is. If I have no choice, I'll change the bridge, but that's something I'd rather avoid doing. Any ideas as to how it got to this point ? The guitar is barely 2 years old and I don't abuse it at all.
  3. I'm more of a traditionalist , but I like that black & white one too , it's got a lot of pizzaz without being over the top ... well, maybe a bit.
  4. I read your reply and after letting the "spinning the saddle in place " sink in, I had a face palm moment. Basically , all I have to do is turn the adjustment screw to place the saddle back to the middle of the bridge, re-tune & re-adjust the intonation .... Any reason why this shouldn't work ?
  5. I did adjust the intonation the last time I put new strings on, that's something I always do. So for my next change of strings I should lower the bridge ? ... I did notice that the action is starting to get a little high. I'd rather not mess with the truss rod unless it's really necessary.
  6. This might be a bit of a noob question , but I'd like some input before I start screwing around with my guitar. I've setup the intonation on my SG, except now the saddle for my G string is set all the way back, and it's not intonated correctly.... so I can't adjust the saddle any farther. What can I do to be able to get the intonation spot on ? Will adjusting the the bridge height do anything or does that just raise (or lower) the action ? Thanks LeBud
  7. It's a three way tie for me , but there's no great revelations - Angus , Iommi , Zappa. All three are amazing players that have carved out a piece of rock 'n roll history for themselves.
  8. I usually go straight in to my amp, a Traynor YCV50. The combination of my SG & Traynor sound great. The only effect in my loop is a Dano Tremolo , though I've recently picked up a Zoom G1 processor and I'm having a blast messing around with it. It's pretty amazing the effects that you can pull out of that thing.
  9. I've been using Ernie Ball Slinkys (10-46) since I got my SG last year. They're good strings, but lately I've been getting small barbs from some sets, it feels like a pin prick on you fingertip and I have to stop playing for a few days ... anyone else get this problem ?
  10. That's for sure ... I know mine is. Maybe Gibson finally noticed that cherries are red ?
  11. That's a good price if it's in decent condition. I checked out the prices for new Specials , they sell for $700-$1000 here in Canada. Could be a good deal, but the best way to find out for sure is to try it out and inspect it very carefully. Good Luck.
  12. I like it .... I gotta admit , that one really stands out from the crowd without looking garish... still has that SG standard class with none of that Zoot Suit nausea effect. Can I ask how much the mods set you back ?
  13. Go For it Blackie ! ...you're the only person I know that could make that happen . Good luck ! Which SG are you going to sacrifice for that mod ?
  14. I've been using Ernie Ball Slinkys 10-46 since I got my SG last year. I've used Dean Markleys on my other guitars ... no problem with either brand.
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