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  1. Whoops! Misunderstood you there. Please don't strike me! But really, the case smells super vanilla like. 😉
  2. There's one in every crowd... Who shames people for commenting on old threads. Feel cool?
  3. It is definitely 100% the case and not the guitar. I bought a brand new Gibson case and it came smelling like the glorious delicious vanilla smell that it should have. They must add the scent to the case to hide the chemical / glue smells. There you have it folks.
  4. I'm a fan of Dave's. For someone who is interested in learning how to do minor setup work on their guitars, he is pretty knowledgable and funny to watch at the same time. He bashes all kinds of brands/guitars. Thats just how he is and I actually find it funny. I wouldn't take it personally against Gibson. Every company has flaws and nothing is perfect. I love Gibson guitars. Some people think they're always right and love to have something to b***h about!
  5. I'm sure this topic has been covered somewhere on this forum but I suppose I'll revive it! Correct me if I'm wrong but the bridge pins that come with the J-15 are plastic so I've heard? If that is the case, does anyone agree that switching to something like bone improves tone? (Not that it really needs improvement. The guitar kicks butt). Just curious to hear other's opinions on this.
  6. James here! I'm a proud owner of a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Gibson J-15. I'm always interested in learning more about Gibson from other knowledgable Gibson owners and enthusiasts! Happy to be here!
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