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  1. Hi

    I am looking for a gentle and SEXy man

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  2. I appreciate your recommendation. I have been concerned about changing out the pickups and not being happy. I will need to update the pickup switches as they have become spotty even after putting deoxit on them. Probably do the pots (500K?) and output jack too. I think that will make a huge difference.
  3. Hi everyone! I have a SG III I purchased new in 1977. I was thinking of replacing the switches (switchcraft), jack (?), pots (CTS) and pickups. Pretty much a nice update for an old friend. I have the black covered mini humbuckers. Are the new minis that are out there by Gibson, Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio much better than the originals or are my old pickups comparable? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Miki
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