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  1. Hi

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  2. Thank you Hogeye and usernameinvalid. That’s what I was looking for and figured that might be the setup. I doesn’t bother that much and I love the guitar. It’s sounding great. -Chris
  3. So I just purchased a 1998 "Early 60's" Hummingbird (reissue) online. Everything looked in order except I noticed that the label showed "Early '60s Hummingbird". It looked strange to me so I started researching other guitars of this model. The other birds I was seeing had "Early 60's Hummingbird" as the model. Very subtle difference. To be honest I thought I had bought a fake for a second. I mean why would they be different? After some vigorous researching I found another guitar with the same issue. I'm assuming two different techs stamped these labels and misprinted the name. Or two different stations making labels. I can assume this is not a fake right? Just a quality control problem? Kind of unique and quirky if you ask me. Anybody heard of this or can educate me on why that is????
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