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  1. It’s a Standard model. I think I’ll keep the pickguard, problem is If I’d like to remove it in the future, it would look bad because of tan, so it’s kind of now or never, but I think I’ll keep it.
  2. So, I’ve bought this guitar and I’m thinking about removing the extra pickguard, but I’m not 100% sure. First, I honestly don’t think it looks bad, in my opinion it adds some character, but I still don’t know I want it. Second, If I remove it, I’m worried about the possible tan line. Since the guitar was bought at June 8th 2017, the extra pickguard was probably added around this date, so it has not been a long time, but I can’t be sure If there’s a tan line or not. So, what do you guys think? Should I remove it or keep it? https://i.imgur.com/d1wb1Vy.jpg
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