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  1. I think I'm going to keep it. It sounds and plays great. Turns out the headstock is fine. Looks like it was a couple specks of dirt or wood grains. The neck is the only thing that had any scratches. Here are a couple macro shots where you can easily see the scratches I described earlier. Here's a macro shot of it: and another discrepancy I found on the neck, scratch or whatever it is, is the same color as the binding and very tiny: With all the horror stories of guitars that come unplayable, damaged, sharp frets, etc, it doesnt seem like the risk of sending this one back is
  2. I recently purchased a Gibson LP Standard 50s neck online and received it yesterday. Its beautiful, set up perfectly and sounds awesome. I did notice however, a few quality issues. The quality checklist was not filled out completely. The pre-pack portion was completely blank and only the final pack checklist was completed and signed indicating the case and warranty card were inspected. I noticed a scratch about an 1.5 inches in length slightly deeper than a hairline in the binding near the cutaway (deep enough to feel with your finger, but did not penetrate the finish). The center of the
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