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  1. i contacted Gibson but they did not have any G-node for sale so i think it is only used like on ebay, any G-node fits any Gibson FBX and LPX
  2. I have no one that can repair the G-node, if i hade i would do it 🙂
  3. i had a problem with the first G-node and tested another and that one worked, så that was my problem as i write about in the beginning of this thread, the first one was some kind of circuit failure
  4. I have the LPX but it works the same, i installed the 2.16a and 2.14 from Gibson, then plugged in LPX with the stereo cabel to the G-node and G-node to computer USB and if the G-node is functioning as it should it will find your FBX, (fully charged battery in FBX and power to the G-node from USB cable and i also hade a fully charged battery in the G-node for sure) http://es.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/LPX.aspx Version Type (pdf) 1.3h Manual 1.2b Quickstart 1.0b Editor Manual 1.0a Editor Quickstart 2.16a G-Node Audio Interface Version Type (executables) 2.14 Editor Setup - Windows 2.14 Editor Setup - MAC 2.16 Editor Setup - Windows *Important, please read 2.16 Editor Setup - MAC *Important, please read N/A G-Node and FBX Editor Patch - Windows 8.1 *Important, please read
  5. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am a fragile and tender woman who needs a strong and reliable, SEXsexual partner.

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Rockgitarristen

  6. If i hade the money i bought them both, but am afraid i have to quote SmokeyGhost About the tones there are a few good reviews on youtube :)
  7. Danke vielmals! Ich steige an Bord des guten USS Gibson-Schiffes und sehe, wohin es uns bringt, Kumpel Ja, meine Musikkarriere war meistens nett und interessant, obwohl sie niemals so sein wird, wie Sie es sich vorgestellt haben Wir sehen uns unter den Gitarren, Sir;)
  8. Nice, surf green is very fifties and a greate color on a guitar, i just re paited one of my black strats Surf green :)
  9. and i realy dont know what to say :lol: Of cause I buy such an nifty automatic pocket tuner and one fast self-playing YJM pick and an automatic bottleneck slide for the blues
  10. I also think it's easier to bend and I've never broken a string on my junior but several on les Paul, it's this edge on the tune-o-matic where it almost made to breaking strings.
  11. Yea its greate with dogs haha At first i thought it was the Jaguar that howls, maybe its the one with singelcoils
  12. Taylor has amazing sound and I've been craving the Taylor GS Mini e-guitar and GS Mini e-bass since they appeared on the market, I've been to the music store and played them several times but havent managed to get them to make a good enough package price from $1700 to at least $1000 so it suits my wallet yet ;)
  13. i am not totaly retired yet but iam sitting home with neck back and joint isues but am still runing my computer service and hang out with my guitars :) You have a very nice selection of guitars and with good sound variations Which pickup configuration on your Jaguar? I bought myself one when in turn 50, a "Gibson concept Fender" mahogany Tune-o-matic and P90
  14. Nice i also use superglue and bakingsoda, superglue is easy to repair minor damage in varnish :)
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