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  1. I have a Gibson ES335 TDC from 1999, made in Nashville with great Hepcat pickups. Killer guitar. A new ES335 traditional antique ebony, 2018. I’ve changed the tailpiece for an alumnium Gibson historic and set it wraparound. I have a rare Challenger II with Di Marzio pickups and an original vibrato system.
  2. Hi I have same issue with new Grover tuning machine on a ES 335, did you change yours ? Did it solve the problem ?
  3. Hi ! New member from Paris, France. I’m a professional guitarist and have a recording studio, Sipo Matador. I play guitar since I’m 8 (now42), I’ve started with classical music then took my father’s Stratocaster / Twin Reverb and played my first blues licks. I have studied musical theory and jazz. I’m open to every genre of music. My main influences are : Page, Slash, Hendrix, Wes, all Steely Dan guitarists, BB & Albert King and so many more... I’ve owned a few Gibson, Les Paul, ES, SG and today I’ve kept a 1999 ES 335 TDC with HepCat Pickups, a 2015 ES 335 (black) and a Gibson Challenger II with a vibrato and 2 Di Marzio humbuckers. Would like to share some pictures first
  4. Rocking is my business

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