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  1. Hi Robert. I'm great thanks and trust you are too.

    I haven't been on the Forum much recently but do have a look occasionally.

    I've been playing a little more live these days with 2 different playing partners, one of whom has a band. We have alot of gigs book between now and Xmas.

    You still doing your coffee shop gigs?

  2. First time for me on this thread I think. Here is Robbie Gladwell, Ashley Bartlett and myself playing Gibsons, Chet Atkins, J185 and Songwriter Deluxe respectively. An old Zombies song inspired by hearing the great Paul Weller doing a cover of it, I heard on the radio a few months ago. It's from my little handheld so the quality is not too good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxsaMvr_3w0
  3. Hi Matthew.

    I'm very interested in what you think about the Vox. It got very good reviews in Guitarist a couple of months ago.

    I play the occasional gig in pubs and the Marshall AS50 is OK but I'm lookimg for the next step up. Robbie has just bought a used Fishman Loudbox 100 and we were playing with it this week. Very impressive.

    Good luck with the gi...

  4. Cheers Matt. Unfortunately, I suspect most of colonial cousins might not "get it"!

  5. Great post Ken. Much appreciated. Please post your further thoughts in die course.
  6. Not tried the bathroom but I have experienced the differences in my perception of my voice. I am far from a gifted singer and normally just crack on trying not to warry about the horrible sound coming from the PA. Of course, ehat you hear is different from what the audience hears but it's very hard for me to get over that"Blimey that sounds rubbish" moment. I recently played in a small village church at a fund raising event. The acoustics were fantastic and I could hear the voice and guitar bouncing aff the walls etc. Even I sounded good. It was a great confidence boost. However, I'm going to have a go at a vid soon so that will all change soon.
  7. "God Save The Queen" - The Sex Pistols.
  8. My eldest Albert plays county level hockey (the one without skates) and recently had bad knees. Ice and more ice. And if it hurt's then don't play. I'm in bed with a really bad back at the moment - not had one like this for about 7 years. I'd send you some of the painkillers I got this morning from the Doctor but this would almost certainly result in a custodial sentence. Sorry. Ice and rest! Hope it gets better soon.
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