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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yes they do have holes in. :) The black felt non-holed washers/pads are still glued in place under the Bigsby. These are white and much smaller,half inch diameter with 1/8" hole and 1/8" thick. Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I have stripped down my Wildkat to give it a general service including frets etc but now I'm rebuilding I have two felt washers which I believe go under the Bigsby and the top retaining screws go through them. I have looked at far too many photos of the Wildkat, and I'm still not sure if they go under the Bigsby or under the strap buttons. Could some kind, helpful, knowledgable Wildkat owner confirm please ? Or, failing that, any Wildkat owner :)
  3. Hi all, Just got an Epiphone Wildkat ltd and I am learning (@ age 62) to both play and setup my guitar. Joined this forum to glean information and chat with like minded people. All the best! John (olderthantime)
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