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  1. Not really my thing, however the guy is good. When I picture "Bass" this is what I usually have in mind. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  2. Sorry guys, a little showman-ship goes a long way. If you just want "Live music" then go see the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Pay attention to your audience is all I'm sayin'.
  3. Big Dave Alvin fan here. I second what you said.
  4. We'll just say that it's personal preference. No I don't enjoy certain types of music. If anyone else does then, more power to ya'. However regardless whatever type of music a band is playing in a live setting. That band should still drop the ego's while on stage and do their best to make the crowd feel like they're part of the show. Acting like an Arena Rock band in a small 500 seat venue doesn't translate well and the audience can see right through it.
  5. A band playing for an audience is supposed to be playing for the crowd and entertaining the audience. Not themselves and their ego's. If a band can't engage the audience then what's the point? Also a good RnR band should be able to make their point in under 4 min.
  6. I really feel that this is one of the reasons that the Ramones really stuck. They were the epitome of "Anti-Arena Rock" They stripped RnR of the "bloated", "coked up" "Laser light" excess that it had become by the mid 70's. They brought it back down to earth and made it about the song once again. Short and sweet.
  7. Songwriting, Rhythm and feeling trumps technical Wizardry everytime.
  8. Recently I went to go see a favorite Rockabilly/RnR band. The opening band spent 60+ minutes on stage staring at their shoes pretending they that they were in some Yngwie Malmsteen social athletic club. First off, helloooo The audience is right here. We paid to get in here. Your not in your Dad's garage practicing. Secondly please try n keep your self indulgent "technical wizardry" songs under five minutes. Yes I can see that you know phrygian scales but I don't care. Entertain us with some straight forward meaningful RnR not that doesn't make the audience want to whip beer bottles at you.
  9. I like being able to get a comb through my hair so it's Pomade all the way.
  10. No metal sorry, just good foot stompin' RnR[YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPyMDLx-7dM&feature=related[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Nick Curran & The Lowlife's do ACDC's "I'm a Rocker" better than ACDC ever could of thought of doing it. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  12. Killer looking Bike! I'm personally partial to old Triumph's and am currently on the prowl for a 1950-53 Triumph Thunderbird.
  13. Last night Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch was doing a meet and greet at a seafood resturant near us and my fiancee wanted to go for an autograph. She's in line for an hour while I'm pigging on crab legs and Mai Tai's. While deadliest catch is a cool show, I have no interest in the whole autograph thing. At one point I called my fiancee to see how much longer she's going to be. She was right in the middle of schmoozing and she give him the phone to answer. I guess I hung up on him as I didn't hear anyone on the other end of the line. So he calls me back and says "Hey this is Josh what are you
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