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  1. Thank you Sparq for your prompt and wise response. I won't be buying it, but for the time being am rather enjoying playing it!
  2. Thanks FZ, but I've actually enjoyed the exercise of researching this guitar, and along the way have learned a lot about Gibson fakes. So perhaps time not entirely mis-spent. I can say that given my limited musical skills and knowledge, this guitar plays very nicely, and sounds a lot better through my Roland Micro Cube than does my $150 Squier Telecaster knockoff :D But as previously mentioned, I won't be buying it, mainly because it belongs to a friend, and it's not for sale. I'd still love to know the address of the Seoul working girl whose phone number is on the headstock :D
  3. Hello, new member here. I recently came across the pictured guitar (serial # A0100150), and am trying to figure out what it is. Diligent internet research led me here, because several years ago there was a thread about a similar guitar (search for A0100148 will find the thread). I've been told it's an Epiphone, but if so, why the Gibson logos on the headstock? The logos are not pearl inlays, they appear to be gold decals. Also the 3-screw truss rod cover should be a dead giveaway. I'm not interested in buying this guitar, but would love to know for sure what it is. Any help appreciated.
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