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  1. viper155

    L-5 Help!

    Hey all! A guy I know is selling this L=5. He has no specific info about the guitar other than "it is old". I like the guitar and want to make him an offer but I have my doubts as to it's authenticity. I've never seenan L-5 with the toggle on the upper, bass side of the guitar. every single one pictured on the internet has the toggle on the lower, treble side. anyone have any input?
  2. Does anyone have any idea what this may be? The owner, a friend of mine, thinks its a 1954 ES250. I say it isn't a 250 but I dont know what it is. Thanks!
  3. Acceptance of this QC issue is unacceptable. When you pay premium money for a premium product you should get just that, a premium product. This is why Gibson has taken the hit it has recently. I'd be pissed off if that was my guitar.
  4. Sorry to seem a bit harsh but your time will be much better spent practicing.
  5. In glad I came on here. this guitar belongs to a buddy of mine who bought believing it is an L5. You guys are bringing up some great points, i.e. the bottom of the fretboard, the headstock inlay, etc. Im going to take a ride over to him soon, he is about 2 hours away and perhaps get an expert to look at it. He wants to sell it and Im interested but Im skeptical. If anyone else has any input please feel free. This will take time. We have Hurricane Dorian to deal with first! Thanks again all!
  6. Thanks Big Bill......I will do that
  7. Thank you Grog! Good info.......still too many questions.... 1. This could be a replacement part 2. Why is the selector switch on the bass side and not the treble side like in every pic of an L5 I see? Anyone?????
  8. My buddy is telly me its a 60's L5 but the selector switch is on the bass side....any ideas?
  9. Hey! Ive been searching the web for hours....cam anyone ID this guitar?
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  11. viper155

    Missing Label

    Thanks KS Here she is......
  12. viper155

    Missing Label

    Hey All, I have a burst 1980 ES-335 Pro and the label is missing!! What tell tale signs should I look for that may indicate the guitar make be a fake?
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