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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. That is so awesome! I wish I would have known sooner that he wanted a guitar. That signature would have been EPIC for Christmas. How does it play? Have you made any changes at all? Strings, tuners ect...
  3. Thats awesome! Wish I could have gotten his signed. Did the signed ones even come with straps? The unsigned did not include a strap either and I dont think one was listed as an accessory. What number was yours?
  4. Thanks, I hope he really enjoys it and sticks with it. Probably need to get him some guitar lessons for his birthday. Hopefully he will be able to teach his old man how to play, then we can jam out together. I have always wanted to learn to play but I dont have any musical talent.
  5. Thanks everyone, that manager ROCKS! I figured after the new strings and tuning it would be out of tune anyway by christmas. So I got him a super snark tuner. A hard case, GnR guitar strap, plain black web strap, guitar stand, picks, aux cord, Slash Music book, . I changed the strings to ernie ball paradigm 10-46 gauge (hope that was a good string choice upgrade). And for amp he was wanting a Marshall code 25. When the amp was shipped to me it just seemed to tiny, so I upgraded it to the Marshall code 50. I am learning as I go, it seems tube amps are preferred but he was wanting a modeling amp. So I got that, and I hope its good enough till its time for an upgrade Gibson guitar and better amp. I am hoping what I bought was all decent stuff. I hate to waste money on junk. I hope I did not make too many mistakes along the way but I am sure I will learn more as we go. If you guys got any tips or comments or upgrades let me hear it. Thats the only way we will learn.
  6. Well I got an update! I called my local guitar center store and spoke to the store manager my concerns and that I was upset that it was delivered to me (not from her store) in that condition and had no COA with it and was missing all the other stuff. She immediately looked my order up and even commented that I spent a lot of money. She knew I was PISSED! I told her I was not mad at her but frustrated over the whole online guitar center purchase, especially since I asked the guy if this was new and in box and comes with the COA, and was told YES! She of course said I can return it but she knew I wanted it for my son for Christmas. She went to work for me and discounted my order, called every store that had them and none where new in box and every store trashed the box and COA, which would not matter since they are serial numbered. She called Gibson and told me a replacement COA was coming and that she would find the other items and get them for me also. But she even went further and called me to say since my son is a Slash fan she ordered him 2 Slash t-shirts and a Slash poster (now that is how to treat a customer) and I did not even buy it through her store. The COA came to her store and I picked it up brought the guitar in and she cleaned up all the prints and tuned it up. I got some new Ernie Ball paradigm strings on it and she charged me about half price for them. I exchanged the amp I got online and upgraded to a larger Marshall amp and I got a nice discount on that too. I cant say enough good things about this store manager, she when way out of her way to help make things right and then some. And it was not even her store problem. Now at least my son with have the COA and case candy. Maybe some of you more experienced guitar guys can tell me if the COA helps the guitar hold value or or help in resale value or is a COA mean little? I think this store manager took a very bad situation and did everything possible she could to make it right or better.
  7. No case or gig bag, but it did come in a garbage bag with some bubble wrap!
  8. I dont think it would be a fake I gave the serial number to gibson. I too was shocked to learn that GC did not have any box that they could give me. I even went into a store and they said they dont keep boxes as they dont have the room and boxes go to the compactor. But if I buy a new gibson at the store do they all come off the shelf opened? I am confused, I would not buy a new gibson that way and I would make them order me a new one that came in the box. Makes me not want to buy a new gibson, or where or how do you buy one where you get everything.
  9. I spoke directly to Gibson customer service and all they said they would do is forward it over to epiphone. I am not very optimistic, and my son really wanted this guitar or I would have sent it back. However they did not have any new in box according to Guitar Center. So he would have been without his main present. He has been eyeing a new Gibson, maybe for his second guitar. If he really keeps up with it I would have not problem buying him one, but after this incident I am a bit hesitant. Heck, I may even have him teach me since I would love to learn to play. Anyway, I am still holding out hope Epiphone comes through before Christmas. Will keep you posted.
  10. Thanks, I tried that with the local guitar center and they said that all the ones left (21) are all display models and none are new in the box. And none of the dealers kept the boxes or accessories. Not to mention the serial numbered COA. The dealer that this was shipped from claims to have made several calls to Gibson and they have gotten nowhere so far. Maybe they can pull a rabbit out of a hat but its not looking to good so far. I even called Gibson yesterday and after my conversation with the customer service I did not feel very confident anything will be done, but we will see. They did not even want my email address to keep in contact with me. So I guess I just have to sit and wait if and when they decide to do anything. This just did not make a first guitar buying experience very good. I know my son will still love the guitar, and I wont share these issues with him but he has seen the web ad with the COA and picture of Slash so I am sure he will be looking for that since he is a big fan and we have taken him to a couple GnR concerts. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. Thanks, I am glad you understand. I want the guitar for him since its too late to get anything else. They claim they have no new in box guitars and only have 21 of these guitars still for sale. I am just hoping and trying to get the accessories mainly the COA and not sure if a warranty card is important or not! I was hoping someone in here would have ideas on how or who I can get a hold of at gibson/epiphone to get the stuff, mainly the COA. Or if anyone knows Slash personally that can get a hold of him and have him authenticate and sign it for his Christmas present that would be awesome! LOL just kidding, I wish I could get that done. But I really dont understand why gibson has not been all over this problem and shipped me out some stuff and a new COA. I have only been working at this 2 weeks. Well if anyone in here knows who to contact or can forward this info to them it will really make my sons Christmas and a first guitar special.
  12. I guess you missed the main point of the post. Its being told it was brand new in box and then all the accessories and mainly the Certificate of Authenticity are missing. That may not mean anything to you but my son is a big slash fan and a COA authenticates the guitar and my son will think its cool. Whats not cool is paying more for stuff and not getting what was paid for but I guess you dont understand so why explain anymore. He will like the Guitar, I would have liked to give him the whole package. Merry Christmas
  13. I ordered a slash epiphone online through guitar center. The first question i asked was is this guitar brand new in the box? I was told yes. So I decided to order it for my son for Christmas. The guitar arrives at my door in a big brown box. I am thinking the guitar is in an epiphone box inside of the plain box. I open the box to be very disappointed. The guitar was placed into a garbage bag with some bubble wrap. And it came with none of the accessories. No certificate of authenticity with slashes picture, no trust tool, no manual, no strap locks and no original box. Well you get the picture. The guitar was all smudged up so it must have been a demo model or display. Makes me more made paying full price for what is not new and certainly does not include any accessories especially the certificate of authenticity! I tried dealing with the selling store and I am striking out. I called epiphone and told my Christmas story but I dont think it's going to go anywhere. All I am asking for is the accessories and mainly the COA. I would have like to have the original box to wrap this guitar and present it to my son on Christmas, but the way this is headed I think he is only getting a guitar in a beat up brown shipping box. I cant even get a box from my local guitar center. What a let down purchase this was.
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