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  1. That's not a surprise the ES 339 is made by the Gibson Custom Shop, while the others are Gibson USA children. And Gibson USA is lacking quality seriously those days. As much as I love Gibson, I think I'm off to PRS for now.
  2. Look at the bareknuckles website: http://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/main/ the best pickups ever IMO. Check out the Riff Raffs - they are told to be the best for an SG. I use Mississippi Queen set in my SG Standard and they rock, but they are humbucker sized P90s, so it's a matter of taste. Stormy mondays would be an option too if you vote for a milder and rounder sound. Check out the sound-clips. Another option which will be allot cheaper is to get Seymour Duncan SH1 '59 set second hand - they are quite inexpensive and widely offered around - I had a set of those in my SG and they were al
  3. Only floyd rose and fender strat tremolos have the wider spacing - everything else is standard
  4. Well, get a reissue then - it's been available for ages
  5. it sure looks nice. I am very tempted - I hope I win the lottery soon :)
  6. Yeah, that's (the green one) a robot and it's not the same as the standard. The cavity of the bridge is way bigger - on the standard the cavity is the same size as on the neck pickup. Just so you know.
  7. Well, if someone wants another lacquer - get a SG Classic. It's the same and it even has binding on the neck. I do dig the natural finish allot.
  8. Come on Gibson - make a teaser - give us some specs and proto pictures - we know you have them. Get rid of the fugly (funny and ugly) Firebird X and give us info on the real guitars.
  9. Has anyone heard something of what will it be. I am getting impatient. Gibson please hurry up with this one, because I have my eye (and a big chunk of my heart) on a PRS and if I buy it I will not be able to get a new guitar for the next year and a half at least (unless I win the lottery, but I don't play in it, so chances are pretty much zero). I wonder what will it be. I know that there was such a tread, but it was full of presumptions and wishes not with facts. I am asking for solid facts here, not for ideas.
  10. Well, sounds like a used and returned guitar. I don't think it's possible to get a used Gibson from the factory, so somebody used it and returned it. But that is not uncommon with such big distributors as amazon, guitarcenter and crab. Have it inspected closely - if only the cracked knobs are the problem (which is why it was returned I would suspect) and the guitar feels great - keep it and get new Gibson knobs for 25 bucks. Take it to an experienced technician for inspection and set up and explain to him the whole deal. That way you can be sure. Otherwise - get your money and buy from loca
  11. I hope they make those colors for the 50th anniversary. I wish they make several color options and several spec options for that anniversary. I will be saving up money for next year - I do hope it will be worth it.
  12. There you go - I found one, but it's in the UK. http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/electric_guitars_detail.asp?stock=10110811260458 It's the blue color and it is smokin'. Brand new though
  13. There they are. http://www.musicstore.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/MusicStore-MusicStoreShop-Site/en_EN/-/EUR/ViewParametricSearch-SimpleOfferSearch?SearchParameter=%26%40QueryTerm%3D*%26CategoryUUIDLevelX%252Fn2DVqHzp8c4AAAEZAHotK5qL%252F.KbVqHzprRkAAAEZXqRFop5P%3DQffVqHzpcQ4AAAEZ.6NFop5P%26CategoryUUIDLevelX%252Fn2DVqHzp8c4AAAEZAHotK5qL%3D.KbVqHzprRkAAAEZXqRFop5P%26CategoryUUIDLevelX%3Dn2DVqHzp8c4AAAEZAHotK5qL%26ManufacturerName%3DGibson&dynamicNavigation=&ReSort=pricedesc I hope the link works well. There is a CS reissue, and a standard reissue both made by the custom shop, a
  14. get a Marshall Blues-breaker, crank all controls up to max and play in middle position with both tones at about 4. That should do it. You can lower the volume of the neck a bit to your taste.
  15. Here is my baby. After different modifications came back close to the original look. Bareknuckle pickups - Mississippi Queen set (in burnt chrome) and added a cream ring on the switch just for a little angus flavor
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