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  1. They sure keep that cedar tree pruned up nice.
  2. I keep getting a computer warning that this site is unsecured, I just wonder if I have and over reacting virus protection or do others get that also.
  3. I have forgot all about this topic, I doubt I own a guitar with any of the woods listed but I am going to have to read up on it. Traveling Across International Borders with Your Musical Instrument https://www.fws.gov/international/permits/by-activity/musical-instruments.html web seminar
  4. Nope it is always a learning experience when people discuss things, I never thought of the pick guard shrinking and pulling off of the glue. If I had a redo over I would go with your thoughts. it would still be a little bit gaudy, but having a gaudy Gibson might not be all that bad.
  5. thanks I never looked at it that way.
  6. Did he do the 1894-1994 Gibson J-100 Extra 100 Anniversary Guitars? I was lucky and just found one.
  7. do you have a pick guard for a 1994 Gibson J-100 Extra? rw
  8. How did you date your guitar, I used guitardaterproject.org and I think they were off on two guitars. One I found out for fact it was build on 11/1994 and was sold 04/1994 guitar dater said 2010 it was made, the other the person I bought a guitar from said 2009 and guitar dater said, 1981, 1991, 2001 it could have been made. I am still searching.
  9. What ones were they I seen they had several for acoustic?
  10. Thank you for your comment I will take it as it is, but still see about getting it checked over I think the strings could be a little lower to make playing easier. I had the chance to be in the UK in 2012 I had a great time with my wife father in law and two sons, we were in Oxford and went to London then to Scotland stayed on a street that when we ate breakfast we could look up at the castle. Would like to go back some days to wonder a little more and mind our heads going it to the pubs.
  11. I found out what the shroud is, the search is on. https://reverb.com/item/3287676-1994-gibson-montana-100th-anniversary-hardshell-acoustic-case-tkl-dreadnaught-j45-j50-dove-sj-aj
  12. what do you mean by shroud? I have been trying to post two photographs for over a half hour, I have resized them down three times the are now down to 400 + or - KB. So I will have to go to url links. Down sizing hurts the guitar photograph
  13. Thank you for your comment I did buy it and thought of the neck exactly like you described. I will take it and see if it can be set up to make it play a little easier. A cool little note, this guitar was made in Montana Feb 1, 1994 sent to a music store in Flint Mi and sold on April 1, 1994. It floated around for 25 years and is now mine and I only live 8 miles from that music store, I was in it several times in the mid 70,s. I do appreciate every ones comments, I learned more than I previously did and my post showed it and lacked clarity.
  14. looks like maybe it is half way working, I will figure it out
  15. Thanks for your input without yours and the others I would have never looked this hard or asked questions or talked with a luthier about possible problems and repair cost on this guitar. When I get it I will take it in for inspection. Yes you are right brown case with purple lining.
  16. Ok I went and looked at and played this guitar, it is beautiful and sounded better than it looked a nice warm sound. My Gibson MK-53 has a little cooler ( colder ) sound. Now it might be because of older strings or lack of playing it. But this guitar i like everything but the strings on the first fret are 1/8” off the nut on the fret board and the strings are 3/16” off the end of the neck at the sound hole. When sliding a straight edge to the saddle the saddle is about 3/16” higher than the straight edge. The saddle and bridge appears to be tilited forward to the sound hole there appears to be a rise or bump from the back of the guitar to the bridge. Could the top of the guitar have raised to make the saddle tilt or cant forward to raise the strings at the end of the neck? Or is the saddle made to cant forward and a trust rod correction would fix things. I did not see any cracks the neck looked brownish where the picture showed the scratches or cracks. I really liked the sound and feel but if there is a problem with top bowing upward tilting/canting the saddle forward how much would that cost to fix? Thanks for all for the first input it helped me to look over this guitar, I have a 43 year old Gibson MK-53 and the straight edge went right from the neck to the top side of the saddle I did not take my flashlight because i forgot, if input sounds good i told the owner i would come back and look at it again. Thanks for all the comments.
  17. Hi I am new to the forum have been trying to join by using my phone, finally I got on line and made it in. I am looking at a Gibson J-100 and was wondering if it might have cracks in the neck by the head stock and maybe by the bridge. I will post two photographs. This would be my second Gibson purchase, the first being in 1975 a Gibson MK53. Thanks in advance,
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