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  2. Hey all, I recently got a Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015. Great guitar but the pickups were a bit thin (even for a p90). I decided to replace them with Kent Armstrong Stealth P90s only to realize after opening it up that it was the Quick Connect system. I decided to cut the Gibson P90s from the clip and remove them and then solder the new pickups into the clip (rather than removing the entire Quick Connect system). KA didn't provide much in the way of color coding so I matched black to black, green to green, ground to ground, red to red, and white to white. I tested them and they worked so I finished up and closed it off. Once I put strings on I realized that the output was significantly lower than all my other guitars which could mean I have a bad solder job (entirely possible) or the connections aren't quite right. I emailed Kent Armstrong and they said, "On the pickups you would use red for hot, green and braid for ground and the white and black would either be tied together and soldered or used to wire series and parallel. We do not advise wiring up to tap a coil (as this is a humbucker two coil design) because the pickup will lose half of the output and not be a noiseless pickup any longer. Most people solder the black and white together and tape them off. Hope this helps." I was able to find a color code for Gibson that I'm hoping someone can verify... Gibson Red = Hot White = Upper coil finish Green = lower coil finish Black = Ground Shield = Ground So here is the question. How should I connect them? My guess is Kent Armstrong ---> Gibson Quick Connect Switch Red ---> Red Green ---> Black Ground ---> Ground Black and White soldered off and not connected OR Black ---> Green White ---> White Please advise!
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