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  2. I have two L-00 sound clips to share. One is a Greven L-00 and the other is a Vintage 1937 L-00. 1937: Greven: The Vintage has the 'old and woody' tone of course not sure if the Greven would sound that way after god knows how many years, although I must say the Greven really has the vibe of the vintage? Almost as if it was how the Vintage sounded when brand new? Its weird to think how the Vintage L-00 sounded when it was brand new all those decades ago. Sam Dean Rogers
  3. For the tone and looks this sure feels like a keeper if nothing else. Thanks Dave! I am checking on its availability. Fingers crossed! Side note, I have seen other pieces go on Reverb for around 2000 to 3000 while some are 4000 to 5000. Is there an estimate on its market value at present moment? Sam Dean Rogers
  4. Very cool looking L-00 there but yes I have been leaning toward the true black. Its kind of exciting as I have decided for the L-00 to be my first vintage guitar, and purchasing for the first time, sight unseen and all. If possible, I might want to get my hands on the 12 fret construction which is the 1932 (or earlier years)? Subsequently they came in 14 frets, but I figure 12 fret gives more of an edge to fingerpicking. Then again I can hit more frets with the 14 fret construction. Maybe I will leave it to fate and see which make turns up. Sam Dean Rogers
  5. Does anyone own a vintage Gibson L-00 (Black) from the 1930's? I listened to a sound clip from this model and was blown away by its voice. Just curious if there are any proud owners of this model. I would love to hear your opinions for this model against the re-issues. I am really keen on getting one but am however not sure where to look. Sam Dean Rogers
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