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  1. Thank you all, I'll try to work on it adjusting the pickups (i prefer not to mess around with eq as I wish it to play properly without any special external adjustments) And yes, I've been thinking to sell it out, let's see; I love this guitar as it has an amazing colour and finish, I really love it and yes, I should have asked before buying online and I do agree that a guitar should be played before buying it; it was a great price and I really thought that, even if new and not an old one, it should have sounded not 100% like my '96 one but quite similar: actually the gibson sounds as a superstrat with lots of high frequencies :-( Not on this model the DIP switch unfortunately :-( Anyway, thank you all for your help. Always accept new advices!
  2. Sorry, do you suggest me then to swap also the tone caps? 300k or 250k? Thank you in advance man
  3. Thank you for the advice, yes bb pro too bright. I did change the hardware/electronics as suggested from a very busy lithier (at the end I did it by myself as he was too busy!) I choose those pickups because they were on the other LP STD i have, I thought they would have sounded equal :-( and well I'll think about the pickups you suggested, very good advice. and Strat, I went for the lp after 20 years strats :-)
  4. Hello to all Gibson owners! I need your professional help and knowledge :-) I own 2 LP Standard, one '96 and I bought a new one 2018. There is a huge difference in sound (I did the mistake to buy it online thinking It would have sounded like the old one but..no!). I did until now big changes (at a big cost) as I like the 2018 so much I'd like to make it sound very similar to the '96 but it is getting a hell as the sound is still very bright. These are the mods I did (trying copying what's on the '96) 1 swap pickups from BB PRO to 490T 498R 2 removed the controller pcb and made a brand new modern wiring (like on the '96) with 300K volume pots and 500K tone pots and black bee caps Still too BRIGHT! The pickups swap made the sound a bit better but the new wiring didn't make any difference. What do you suggest? Next steps I wish to try: 1 change the stoptail (the actual is lightweight one) with a havier one (schaller) 2 change the 300k volume pots with a 250k 3 Do I need to change also the tone pots? WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST ME? Thank you in advance guys for you help, I wish I can be happy with this guitar I really love but...I really hate it! :-)
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  6. Hello everybody, I'm from Italy, in love with Gibson, two standards in my collection I love to help musicians and to get help from experienced people with this brand! I wish you a happy new year See you in the forum
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