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  1. Looking forward to trying one out. I’m curious if there is a hardcase that would fit this guitar? Seems like an unusual size overall. Bigger than an LP, but smaller than a 335
  2. I’ve managed to keep my collection under control, for the most part. I generally have around 6-8 guitars at one time. None of my guitars sit however. I play each one at some point throughout a given week so I never really feel like I need more, or less. My problem is I don’t have a diversified portfolio so to speak. I have two SG Classics for example. They sound almost identical but the necks are different thickness and one is the rare ebony color. So they both stay. I also have two Jazzmasters. One in standard tuning, the other tunes to D. Haha. They too sound the exact same otherwise. The ot
  3. The electronics tie into a PCB board in the body cavity? The stock pickups regardless of what they are, are being robbed of tone and clarity from the PCB. Keep the pickups and put in a wiring harness with orange drop caps. It will sound like you pulled wool out of your ears when you do! I have done many side by side comparisons of wired harnesses and various Gibson models with PCB’s, and the guitars with PCB’s always lack clarity. Especially in upper and lower registers. Mids are generally upfront and muddied.
  4. The real question is who else enjoys playing anything but AC/DC riffs with an SG? Frankly I get pretty sick of hearing a out of tune opening riff of You Shook Me All Night Long, Back in Black or Thunderstruck anytime somebody picks up an SG. Great, thank you, NEXT! I love it when people use SG’s beyond the typical 3 Chord rock n roll. Jazz? Hell yeah! Blues? yes! Adult contemporary Neo psychedelic post punk hard core? Fu#! ‘n A!
  5. Y’all are funny. Sites back up.
  6. Dang! You really did a number on that finish around the tuning posts. 🤭
  7. I’m glad it’s not just me. I do hope it comes back up soon. I own 5 SG’s and I don’t feel comfortable talking about them outside of that forum.
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