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  1. I had my guitar tech do it for me when I had the guitar in for it's many problems. He used a drill with a buffing wheel........did not take off the pickguard. Looks wise turned out very well.
  2. I own an AJ500ME in the vintage burst and it came as the matte back then. Use some compound and buff it out and it looks just like a Gibson. This guitar I am sure you could do the same.
  3. Sounds like a factory defect. I had an Epiphone G400 I bought from Sweetwater with the same deal someone in China wired it backwards that day. You can't just flip the thing need to rewire it in the G400 anyway......not enough slack in the wires. I have been hit or miss with Sweetwater...........I called them and to their credit they were willing to stand behind it and pay for a shop to do it.....I know how to so did myself....plus the G400 has the back plate my 335Pro if had been that way would have had them pay the shop. Speaking with them though they do stand behind stuff........not impressed with their "55" point check they brag about.......I caught the problem the first time I plugged it in.......obvious if they do this check it should have been caught......or more so Epiphone's own inspector should have caught it too. You are not the only one out there with an Epiphone PU selector wired backwards.........easy fix.
  4. I have owned many Casinos and still own 2.........I have never seen the bridge able to be cranked to the bottom like this and the strings not touching the fret board. I would say the neck join to the body is wrong and return it. I thought the Gold Casino was a GC, MF, 123 only thing........might be why it ended up in your shop.
  5. Not sure what the prices are there but I would buy a new or used Gibson J15 or J35 before I spent that kind of money on a used Elitist J45. I don't have a problem with Elitist Epiphone only models like my Riviera or the mentioned Texans but would not pay that kind of used money for a Gibson copy despite being in the Elitist line at one point. Just my opinion.
  6. More: a truck to the container yard, a train to the port, container overseas, train to the container yard, truck to Nashville, truck to Sweetwater.....several trucks to you.
  7. Yes mine is the same and that is what the sound hole labeling means. For those who asked on the PU if an old Burst like mine think they stopped making them before the ugly control panel mounting on the bout and the problematic E-sonic nonsense. If just the volume wheel like mine it is the older reliable LR Baggs system with the 9 volt battery in a pouch that Velcro attaches to the neck inside. Did not look but if it is gloss then someone buffed it out as I had done to mine. They did not do gloss tops that I know of in the days they made the Burst Masterbuilt AJ500ME's
  8. I have played a few when they have shown up used at GC. They are ok. I would also put them in the same class as the Masterbuilt DR500M or R.
  9. Maybe the moderator can post a sticky of guitars and PU specs as every time this comes up gets very confusing and all goes back the introduction of the ES339 and ES339 Ultra. The run first ES339 2010? had Probuckers others have posted thiers and my friend owns one.......we checked the PUs are labeled PB not ACP. Took his PUs out on a string change to find out why sounded different than all the other ES339s we played at all the stores back then: Following this and all kind of people confused: The President of Epiphone posted that the ES339 changed names and spec to the ES339PRO and now came with Alnico Classic Pros and they dropped the price $100. The ES339 Ultra introduced at the same time has always had the Probucker from the beginning until now. Maybe there are other ES339s out there other than first runs with the Probuckers ie: the factory ran out of PUs and just installed what they had......would not surprise me. The poster asked about the ES335Pro which I own and know comes with the ACPs and I agreed I do not like.
  10. If your ES339 has the Probuckers we agree.......if the Alnico Classic Pros.......then no. As I and others have said in the past..........Epiphone confused things by naming things so close to each other.
  11. It gets very confusing: The old Epiphone PUs were the Alnico Classics no Pro on the end, the newer ones I think sound ok as in my Pelham Blue 355 I think they did some kind of upgrade on them = they are Alnico 5 mags and more like a Gibson 490. The 2 new PUs introduced about 2010? are the Alnico Classic Pro = Epiphone claims is a direct copy of the Gibson 57 and Alnico 2 mags The Probucker = Epiphone says their copy of a Gibson Burstbucker and Alnico 2 mags but do not state which Burstbucker they copied I II III etc. From owing guitars with all the PUs would say they tried to copy a Gibson Burstbucker 1 or 2.......I am not a Gibson Burstbucker fan though I have guitars with them. I think all they did was copy a Gibson Burstbucker in the Probucker and then make the ACP an even wind version and why it sounds flat to me. The Probucker I like the best of the Epiphone PUs and I have done direct comparison to the Probucker guitars and ACP guitars. My friend got the first run of the Epiphone ES339s with the Probuckers before they changed to the ES339Pro with ACPs. That was the first guitar I heard the Probuckers in and liked/still like it. Every one I played at SA or GC after I thought sounded off and can go back to search old posts here where Epiphone changed PUs, name, and dropped the price. I knew buying my 335Pro that I do not like the ACPs it came with but do like the guitar and the block inlays like my old Gibson 68 335 I sold years ago. I swapped my PUs to a set of Probuckers I got on Ebay and like the tone of the guitar and wanted a 335 style guitar that does the coil tap thing and not messing with my current Gibson 335 on that. I have a Gibson 335 so not trying to make a budget version 335 clone.......I like it for what it is but it will never be a Gibson 335 as nice as it is. If you do get a Probucker guitar roll the tone back and the mids will come forward some not like a Gibson 57 but a nice sound. If you like 57s either get the 4 wire set to keep the coil tap functions of the guitar or just get a set to wire it straight HB and replace all the pots.
  12. Vintage for me. I also own the Kirk Douglas Sig and am used to it now. Also the "Kirk" is my only 3 PU SG so don't mind on that one, but any other SG Vintage or none as on the SGJs or it looks funny to me.
  13. One last suggestion: If you own any Burstbucker guitars which is what Epiphone says these are based on they are bright PUs and the guitars I have them in minus the new Gibson 61a also in the Burstbucker family I do find the high end piercing and always roll the tone off to deal with them. I love both 57s and the new Gibson 61s....any Burstbucker guitar I have owned or played........MEH. The Epiphone ACP they claim is based directly on the 57.......sorry no I do not hear it at all as you say lack of mid warmth and flat. The Probucker is "based" on the Burstbucker that I buy though does not sound like a real Gibson Burstbucker either.......they sound very close to the new Gibson 61s or a scooped mid/bright 57. I would guess the ACP is just an even wound PB and both are based off the Gibson Brustbucker 1s or 2s? Try rolling the tone off and you will get rid of some of the high end and allow the mids to come forward more.
  14. No you are not the only one. I do not like the Alnico Classic Pro I find them bright as you describe and just plain flat = one dimensional. I like the Probucker much better and I think they have some depth or dimension to them. They are both bright PUs like you say. In the ACPs just a bright flat PU in my opinion. I think in the Probucker the depth = uneven winds, I don't know how to describe right make them sound more like a bright 57 or very close to the new Gibson 61s. I own the same guitar as you and swapped the ACPs for PBs. I like the 335 Pro and the coil tap concept in that style of guitar.......I also own a Gibson 335 for comparison. With the Probuckers it sounds good..........not a Gibson despite what others say in reviews.....but a nice guitar that does several things well now.
  15. Call Sweetwater they are supposed to do the 55 point check so should in theory have caught this.......I have dealt with them in the past and they are honest but I have had guitars they "checked" and do not seem to have.......they were very honest and offered to stand behind the few lemons I have gotten from them but one I sold right away and the other too long to get into, I still own. Or call Epiphone/Gibson number they should handle it under warranty. I have used them in the past and very good about standing behind defective Gibson or Epiphones. You will have to send them proof of purchase and take to a warranty center but no cost to you. I like Epiphones and think a good value but no way am I paying out of my pocket for a defective guitar not at the price of a G400. I have had brand new defective Gibson's too and not paying to have them fixed for factory defective stuff not at the price I paid for them either..it should have been right from the factory and at the QC sign off check. Long answer sound like a faulty POT let them fix under warranty......as I said I have dealt with Gibson/Epiphone a number of times and they stand behind their product very happy with their customer service and standing behind stuff.......still a loyal happy customer.
  16. The old 90s Sorrentos are very close in tone to the standard line Casinos.........I have a good friend that owns one and a standard Casino. The new 62 RI is very different in tone from the Casinos and more like a Gretsch Tennessean in tone with the tone rolled off to about half minus the bite. It has been said they are bright guitars......I agree with the mini HB in a fully hollow body much brighter than a Casino with P90s. I have one of the RIs and got one as mentioned here at the $499 MF has them. I would not have bought at the introduced or normal price, I played them at GC when first out and nice but not that impressed as it is a one tone kind of guitar. Happy with the guitar and very nice quality. Very different in tone/sustain/versatility than my 62 RI Sheraton. As I said very nice for that price, but it would not be my only guitar by a longshot. I view it as a very close cousin to my Tennessean and would grab it for when I want that kind of tone.
  17. Went back and saw the model I own one in VS from the first run. The Masterbuilt AJ 500s are very sensitive to any change in environment and string tensions they use a very thin wood construction/bracing to get their tone and volume. I know that guitar has the intonated saddle.......it just needs a good set up, and once you get it where you want it kept in a stable environment.
  18. Changing strings to what you like and works best is fine.........you mentioned the problem when you switched from the D'addarios to the Martins (I have been down that road many years ago and had the same first reaction as you until a good tech let me know I did not break my guitar by just changing strings). Due to the stings being a different tension on the guitar it just puts different stresses (not bad) on the wood and acoustics have more of a habit of shifting around and reacting to new or different tensions than most electrics. Nothing is broken and you can use anything you want.......you just know in the future you have a guitar sensitive to different string gauges/tensions. Not sure where you live but I am in the Chicago area and it gets dry in the winter........even though I keep my guitar room with a humidifier 24/7 in the winter and is stays at 50% all the time, my acoustics do shift around some and usually tighten up so I end up loosening the truss rods on most a bit this time of year then back in the summer when they feel and sound a little "rubber bandy". From what you have told here sounds like the guitar just needs a good set up and as I said this time of year if you are in a cold dry climate would probably need it anyway regardless of the string change. Make sure you humidify an acoustic guitar if you are in the cold dry climates.........even my all laminate one reacts to the weather changes if not kept humidified.
  19. D'Addario strings are known as a low tension string..........same gauge (example 12-53) but less tension vs other brands same gauges. No problem changing string brands/gauges but most guitars need some tweaks after, so it just needs a set up if you can't sort it out yourself. Nothing is broken.......it is just wood behaving like wood, sounds like the guitar was set up and played well with the D'addarios so the wood "memory" is used to them.........if you are not a do it yourself guy find a set and gauge you like and stick with them.......acoustics are more sensitive to temp, humidity, and string tension than many electrics.
  20. Yes we all describe different. The midrange heavy SGs to me make a roar, LPs have a more complex tone like you say with punchier bass and higher more defined treble the SGs are more a one tone roar to me, LPs have more note to note complexity to them and to me sing. How we describe the sounds I guess.
  21. I see you said you had.......I have one and the Tweedys some of them had a bad batch of bent Maestros......some seemed to carry over to the first of the Originals........my Tweedy would not stay in tune and it was because the Maestro was bent so the strings came almost straight across the bridge. Once replaced with the same correct bend as my Douglas and Original stays in tune fine. Need to leave them out of the case for a bit. The Maestro even with the arm back the case compresses all of mine so when they come out of the case need to stabilize for a bit and I guess let the spring steel spring get used to it's normal position. More tuning than a stop bar guitar when taking out of its case but once used to the environment I guess you would say no difference and no problems.
  22. I went overboard last year too and got an Original and a Kirk Douglas to join my Tweedy. My Tweedy had the band bend Masestro and Gibson sent my replacement to the service center and was replaced......almost no break angle across the bridge I mean almost strait across........Gibson took care of it all good.......love the color but does not get much play time I just can't bond with the Burstbuckers in there. Like the Douglas and Original so much better both 57s. Play the Douglas at home the most, like the range of the 3 PUs push pull pots and the blend toggle knob that was one of Gibsons best ideas!!
  23. I have both the 2014 LPJ and the SGJ. Really Really like the 61s even better than the Burstbuckers in my Tweedy. Still have to roll the treble tone back but not the piecing highs I get from the Burstbuckers and my Fender amps. Tone wise what you would expect........the LP sounds like a LP and the SG sounds like a SG. Same way I would describe my SG Original and LP Traditional both those have 57s The SG sounds like a less complex version of the same thing.........I think the Maple tops and deeper bodies of the LPs give them some more complexity to the single notes or chords.......the SGs are just a Hog plank with PUs about a simple a guitar as you can get. I guess the best way to describe the SGs roar and LPs sing. Yes I know the 61s are considered Burstbuckers too but to me are a sweeter version of the Burstbucker........more like a bright 57.
  24. Another for check out the IB Texan......I have a 2009 Natural and 2011 Burst both China made. Both are in the tone range of a Gibson and my J45. Have heard the newer Indonesian made ones are voiced different. Masterbuilts are a mixed bag own AJ500ME in burst a 2006 and has been just a bunch of trouble nothing at all like a Gibson voice. The couple of DR500Ms I have owned ok but nothing great and again nothing like Gibsons The brief run Garrison Gibsons not voice like a Gibson either. I would play some of the IB Texans or if at a GC play a J15 or J35 both tremendous guitars/value and have played a few J35s I liked better than the stores J45s. The IB Texan nice for what they are but if you play a good example J15 or J35 right after you see right away where they fall short.
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