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  1. I have an EJ160e and strung it the same as my other guitars with 12s. It always sounded stiff. I didn't realize until a couple years on that it is the longer scale neck than my AJ45, and others. By mistake I bought 11s and tried them and the guitar just opened up. As said it is subjective, but I think the AJ200 is the same longer neck so try a gauge one lighter than you would use one time and see if it makes any difference on that guitar.
  2. Not a stupid question. I thought I was the only one on the tone quest, band wise. My bandmate mainly plays his LP with P90s or his strat not so much. He uses an AC30 and me a Dual Showman with a 2X12 bottom. At pratice I have tried a lot of my guitars but found the best match for what we do to be my 335s and SGs. He plays more lead than I do but I do several of the more riff based songs. The Beatles always did their own thing and always sounded good whether they were both playing strats or casinos. Studio wise they were always careful to get a different tone for every song. It is all skill though. We both have a buddy that can come in pick up anything laying around plugged into whatever and it is his sound. I am an amature compared to him. But anyway yeah you are not the only one to try out or notice what works with what band or group of people.
  3. I own the Elitist version of the Valensi in the natural. Hard to explain a sound but yes different than a Casino or a 335. It is has more midrange than a 335 and less wood more sustain than a Casino. It is a good tone regardless. It has its own voice to it and it looks like nothing else around. I think this one was a good choice for Epiphone to make. I did put P90s in a 335 knockoff which I did way back before they introduced the Casino and before I knew a Casino was a full hollow body. Still have it and it sounds pretty much the same. I would like to see one of the new standard line ones to see the difference but have yet to see one.
  4. Same deal here, the Sam Ash by me had a used one with a bigbsy for $300.00 a while back. It was a Peerless and was in good shape but I already had my burst and natural. I should have bought it just to have one with a bigbsy but I let it go. Dumb!
  5. I have to agree. Why did you have to post that photo? Now I'm going to have to look also and think about selling something off. I prefer my 335s and SGs but since all this casino conversation I have one of mine out at home in my pratice room and am starting to like the p90s more and more.
  6. I agree with you. I just played one a week ago at Naperville Music. The tuning keys are wrong, the truss rod cover is wrong and there should be a black knob for one of the knobs. Someone who owns one can take a look to compare with this one, but yes red flags!
  7. I don't think there is anything to the deluxe Dots other than the gold hardware and a better top cap with more figuring in the grain. I had a cherry one around 2004 and sold it when I got my Supernova. I could no longer play the Dot once I got the Supernova, better pick-ups and tone. Epiphone seems to reintroduce them every few years. Smart marketing I guess. Maybe the new Dot deluxes have improved now? I have not played one since I had mine, but I'm guessing it is just cosmetics.
  8. What Iconclast told you here. The last numbers tell you what build number in line. R = Peerless 05 = 2005 06 = June XXXX = build number.
  9. "The Elitist is an EXCELLENT guitar, but the two Lennons have more bark and snarl" Red you explained it better here than I did. My MIKs and the Elitist I played have a brighter more electric sound. The Lennon Revolution I played and the Red Peerless I used to have, had more of that growl to them. The closest way to describe them is they have a Gretsch growl to them. I'm sure it's combination of things but the plastic saddles seem to dampen the high end and sustain some. I have a 64 Tennesean and it has that same bark or growl to it. I had my red casino at the same time I had my natural and burst MIK, and the red one sounded more similar tone wise to my Gretsch rather than the other 2 casinos. Hard to describe a sound in words.
  10. Played one the other day. Naperville Music in Illinois still has one hanging on the wall. It has been there for a while now. I played it about a year ago along with my MIK and a burst Elitist they had. Out of all of them it was the best of the bunch. The quality was flawless though so was the Elitist. The Elitist seemed a little brighter as did my MIK. The Lennon more woody. I am a huge Beatles fan, but I know I would just put it away and never play it and for the cost I can have a few other guitars. If you have the money the Lennon is the one to get. It will hold its value or increase. Look Naperville Music up on line. They may be willing to deal on the one they have. It has been there a long time now. Good luck.
  11. Same as CB posted here. I have seen them both ways through the years both on Gibsons and Epiphones. More so to the rear but sometimes to the front. As long as the intonation is correct and it plays fine it is not an issue. My 68 335 had the screws facing the front, but it also had a bigsby. Maybe the factory did it or the previous owner. I sold it in the late 80s to buy an amp I no longer have. DUOOH!
  12. It is hard to tell without being able to see a photo. 2 things here though. If the guitar is a 96 it has to be a Korean as the China move had not happened yet, and 2nd if the guitar has a white sticker with a serial number on it that means it was a factory refurb. The seller should have told you or maybe they didn't know. All the Epiphones have the serial numbers on the back of the headstock with the exception of the Peerless plant that puts them on the labels inside the guitar, from all I owned or have seen through the years. Your guitar was shipped to the states some problem found with it and it was sent back or to a repair facility and the white sticker was then put on it to mark it as a refurb. My Supernova is a factory refurb, nothing wrong with it. I look at is as it has been gone through twice and it came to me perfect. Maybe they did install the neck pickup backwards. As a single coil it will have no affect on the tone but the bevel will be the wrong way. The bevels are shaped to follow the contour of the Casino top. Look at the pickup and see if reversing it would make it sit correct in the way you are saying you want it to line up.
  13. I would go to a store that has both the Vox and the Roland and pick a guitar as close to yours as possible and play them both. I had a Vox AD120 combo when they first came out and brought it back in the first 30. I thought it sounded flat. I have the Roland cube30 the older one with out the tuner and really like that for home pratice. I think the fender tones are the best thing on the amp. The vox tone not too good. As a point of reference I own a vintage black face twin, black face dual showman, laney vc30, fender blues deluxe, heavy modded vox cambridge 30 twin, vox pathfinder mini stack and a peavey bandit112. My bandmate has an AC30. I was not impressed with the Vox digital series but mine was a really early one before they had out all these newer models. I have known my bandmate for years and I brought my AD120 to pratice to compare it direct to his AC30 and there was no comparison. It was loud but on the AC30 top boost selection just flat no matter how I messed with it. No nice tube sag or sparkle to it. If they had the AC30CCs out then I would have gotten that instead. I have not heard the newer vox modeling amps and have stayed away after returning mine. The group here says the new ones sound good so check them out. I own the Roland a friend who manages a store forced me to try out because he knows I do a lot of home recording and was so impressed I bought it. As I said does the fender tones extremely well. The vox not too good, too fast to breakup and not enough clean. The Roland programmers really got the sounds right and it reacts pretty much like a tube amp does. If I was looking again today I would check out the fender super champXD which is a real tube front end then the modeling after. I'm afraid to try one, more GAS. If you can check out the Roland, Vox and the Fender I mentioned and see what you like. All should be good bedroom pratice/recording amps.
  14. Not sure what pickups they put in them. I had one for less than a month. They seem to be the same as in the Supernova or Jorma. It sounded good but a bit darker. Lack of F holes? The signature models seem to get the better stuff. I have had no buring urge to replace the PUs in either of these. My Dot an older deluxe in red I changed the nut and the PUs. Those I can tell you were not the same as the Supernova or Jorma. I can tell a difference between my bandmates new Dot and either of these so I'm not sure the Dots are getting the same PUs as the sig models. Could also be the China vs Korean HBs. I bought my Lucille from Sam Ash rather than my usual store I shop at. Sounded good then the bridge pickup crackled and cut out. I took it back and told them and their guitar tech opened up the back plate and pulled out a loose wire and said here is the problem. He repaired it and was great for a week then at band pratice same thing crackled and the bridge pickup cut out. Back again. This time they told me well you didn't get the extended warranty so we can't do anything about it. I told them you guys are an authorized dealer and they have a lifetime warranty just send it back and get another or fix it. They told me they don't do that. Oh ok well it is still less than 30 days old so here just give me a refund please. No problem. FYI they just put it back on the wall. I feel sorry for the person that gets it next. I should have bought the one from my usual store, Naperville Music. They keep all the tags and cards on the guitars hanging in the shop. Of course the (I) one they had hanging by then was long gone. Sam Ash is just 3 blocks from me but the other store a drive. Deal with someone you know. Sam Ash and GC great on the front end but no follow through plus there is some new guy there every month.
  15. Here is a good example from ebay of the early ones I saw. Looks like my bandmates Dot. http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-EPIPHONE-CASINO-Natural-Electric-Guitar_W0QQitemZ110242447036QQihZ001QQcategoryZ2384QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  16. The good looking Casinos I have seen out now in Sam Ash and GC are both EEs. I have yet to see anything marked DW. My bandmate bought a natural finish Dot about 6 months ago and it is an EE. It has kind of the same dull yellow finish with no real grain showing in the top ply. When he puts it in the stand in the basement where we pratice from a distance it just looks solid and yellow. Very strange looking. He also bought a new natural Casino which is also an EE and it has the same clear coat mine has instead of the yellowish tinge to it. We have of course compared ours and there is no real difference. The only thing on his is that the trapeeze seems to be a slightly smaller gauge of steel. He is more of a tone guy than an apperance guy and he is happy. Build quality on both seem the same as my MIK's.
  17. Sounds like they are still having problems then. I live in the Chicago area. The early Chinese ones I saw at Sam Ash and GC all had a real yellowish tint to the naturals and no figuring on the top ply. There was some but not a lot from a distance it looked like just a solid yellowed piece of wood with no grain in it. Loose screws, pole pieces all different levels pretty much a problem with all the early ones I looked at. The ones they have now at GC and Sam Ash look feel and play well, I wonder if the stores have shipped some of their stock around? You are right though I would not have let the early Chinese Casinos I saw out the door. A lot of places on line also sell the early Chinese bursts which have too much black on them as seconds. The one local store I shop at ordered a few to go with their Elitist and JLs and they showed up with the bad burst paint so the store called their EIP rep who agreed and sent them back. I thought the early Chinese ones had more of a yellow to the finish. My MIK has a pretty clear coat to it with nice brown grain in the top ply. Both my burst and natural came from the I plant which I think off hand is the Saen plant. I have not seen a new MIK Casino in over a year now. Everything at Sam Ash and GC is all China on the Casinos anyway. G400s are a mix.
  18. Check the Casino thread Korean vs China from a week ago. Just play as many as possible and pick the one you love. If I was not a Beatles fan and had to have a burst and a natural I would have kept my red Peerless plant one. It was the best of the bunch from 98 or 99 I think. The build on that one was just as good as a Gibson, solid, binding perfect, well shot and masked, no casino rattle, pickups well balanced, great woody tone. That guitar had the solid white inlays without the swirl to them. Every plant has a bad guitar day, but I can say out of my collection the Peerless plant stuff seems more solid and better built, attention to detail, than the rest. Just my opinion.
  19. I agree with what Red says here: I have a DR00M and AJ500M, and the AJ has deeper bass response and a more focused sound overall than the DR. You wouldn't say the DR sounds bad, though. It just sounds different. I had both too and now just the AJ500ME. The AJ seems to have a tighter response all the way around. To my ears they do not sound at all like Gibsons. The Masterbuilts seem to be voiced in a Martin sort of way, and they do a very good job at it. I have a J45 and the AJ sounds nothing like it. I played both the R's and M's before making my choice. They are all sound good. The R's will have more of that dry sound to them while the M's sound full. Check out the AJ really good first and make sure you are getting the newest one possible check the serial numbers inside to see the build date. As a few others have posted here I'm also having the top issues with my AJ. While my bridge is not lifting off, the rear of the guitar behind the bridge is raising and getting pretty humpy plus it is starting to have a rattle in it. I think maybe a fan brace has given loose. Mine is a 2006. I never had a problem with my DR and am sure they use different bracing in that model. I'm not sure if Epiphone has the bridge/ bracing on the the AJs figured out yet. Just make sure who ever you buy from you get all the warranty info, card, booklet etc.
  20. What these guys say here. Just play as many as you can and find one you like. I had three. All MIK. The best one of the bunch was a red 90s from the Peerless plant. It was put together as well as any Gibson, and I do have Gibsons to compare it to. The early re-issue casinos I have seen from the 90s had the flat dull plastic inlays no swirl to them. I got it as a clearance really cheap but new and it had a real woody tone to it. Being a huge Beatle fan I then bought a burst and natural and didn't want to own 3 so I got rid of the red one. The burst and the natural both came out of the same factory but the burst has a slim neck and stronger pickups and a few cosmetic flaws nothing major. The natural one is cosmetic perfect but has weaker pickups and a fatter neck. The early Chinese ones I looked at were just bad and sounded bad. The naturals I saw at GC all had no grain figuring in the top and a really yellowish tint to the finish. The ones out now look and sound really good from the few I have picked up. I would say from what I have seen lately that the China plants have it figured out now so just go and play as many as possible and pick the one you that you don't like but love. I don't see too much diference between the MIKs now and the MICs. They will all have subtle differences to them like mine I mentioned, just avoid the early production Chinese ones, but you will be able to tell by looking and playing them what you like. As far as the Elitist ones I have played a burst and a Revolution Casino at a store I go to who knows me I brought my MIK burst to AB them and there was just not that much tone difference. The Elitist was flawless in its finish and felt really good but tone wise to mine almost the same. Just not enough of a difference to trade in mine and get the Elitist over my MIK. If a casino is going to be your main guitar then check out the Elitist version. I like my casions and have them being a Beatle fan but my main guitars I gig with are SGs and 335s. I prefer the humbuckers and the solid bodys and or blocks in them. Hope this helps in your decision.
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