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  1. Disappointed but not surprised. If you know how anal the Japanese are then it makes sense. Many vintage American guitars started going to Japan (buying and taking home) in the 90s. They are the ones who forced Gibson to bring back a correct spec J160E, not the standard one they sell now. Not surprised the correct spec models are going to the Japanese market. If we would stop buying non spec correct stuff here then they would be forced to sell the same thing to us. We do not and accept what we are given so like I said not surprised. Pretty much our own fault for accepting/buying lower quality not correct stuff.
  2. "Hi Dave, I asked my guitar guy to check with Epiphone. They are telling me that that guitar is only going to be available in Japan. Sorry. It looks like we are expecting the 63 model. Mark" There is the answer I got from them, not sure what a 63 model is I asked Mark and he is not sure what that is either just going on what Epiphone told Sweetwater.
  3. Both Jeffery and I contacted Sweetwater and both his rep and mine called Epiphone and was given the same answer I think CB got the same answer from his music store: Japan market only regardless of where they posted the thing. All three of us got the same answer so no one in the US is getting one of them, unless through ebay Japan. I am wondering if the Texan is the same deal Japan only?
  4. "And I Love Her" BBC plugged in recording unplugged "Do You Want To Know a Secret" plugged in "If I Fell" unplugged "I'll Be Back" unplugged By A Hard Days Night (1964) they were pretty much done plugging them in. "I Feel Fine" seems to be about the last time. (also 1964)
  5. I use the White Bronze that and D'addario electric 12s whatever the store has when I need to buy. You are right they are ok electric but sound good acoustic and seem to last. I seldom plug in my EJ160Es they are just meh plugged in nothing at all like the real Gibson P90 J160Es standard or Beatle.
  6. $349 is a great price. I paid $500 back in 2005 and mine is the odd shaped one. The new Indonesian looks right in both shape and color, mine is the current Gibson burst not the 60s Black, Red, Orange. The few I have grabbed seem closer in tone to a J160E the standard one anyway I had. Great price would not hesitate if I did not own two already.
  7. Has anyone found out if these are for us? The 1966 Riviera we found out is Japan only and we can't get one. Anyone ask about the Texan yet? Hope this is not Japan only too. Thanks.
  8. I have an Elitist Riviera which I love, but was excited by the stop bar version and in Nitro. Vintage Guitar not long ago had a photo of Robben Ford playing a 60s stop bar Riviera in burst much like this one. I wonder if the Texan too is only for Japan and not for us either.
  9. Ok my answer too is the 1966 is only for Japan. Sweetwater is supposed to get a 1963 model what ever that is.
  10. I have both Casinos with and without. Not much difference in weight. The Bigsby does add more of a solid body tone to a Casino in the same guitars compared side by side. (both Lennon Casinos set one up like Harrion's) My Bigsby Casino has more punch and sustain...........it is still a Casino but not as woody and warm as the non Bigsby. Hope that helps.
  11. Thanks, still waiting on Mark to get back with me. I agree, I think this will be a very small run to test the waters maybe to see if we are willing to buy after years of asking?
  12. Gibson has a strange business model, but they also have a lot of good people trying to take care of the customers.
  13. I got an e-mail back from Mark that he is checking on it, did you get a price yet?
  14. Well yes and no. Harmony at least was using the same materials, wood, just cheap build and PUs hardware, frets etc. My buddy has a 60s Rocket he just refretted, potted, rewired and kills my Casinos. Had Harrison not found the little Gretsch he could have ended up with a Harmony like Keith and Brain, Dave Davies.........knowing it was a good American guitar and that is all those guys wanted, good American guitars. If you have ever played a Sovereign that does not have the neck dive/collapse or problems with the top from the cheap ladder bracing they are great and would have no problems owning one if I could find one without issues. I have a 60s Gretsch in for a neck pocket collapse, common known problem on their 50s and early 60s guitars that Baldwin and current Fender ownership fixed later on. The budget builders Harmony, Kay back then were using the same wood piles and Nitro the rest of the guys were just cheap construction and components. My buddy met one of the Heritage guys a few years back and he said in the 2000s they had finally just used the last of the wood pile that Gibson had left behind and abandoned when they moved. Premium wood now, is what was common in the 50s through 2000s it was just that then wood.
  15. If anyone checks on the Texan please ask Epipone/Gibson to make sure they do not use the current stock Gibson Ceramic saddle. My Custom Shop J160E came buzzing no matter how it was set up until a guitar tech friend finally pointed out the Ceramic saddle used, current production or sourced part was rounded on top putting no break angle point. The saddle needs to be pyramid shaped. I had a spare correct shaped one, swapped to that and problems went away. The Japanese are building this one so I hope they are anal for the details and do not use the current Gibson sourced part or this will do nothing but buzz and the action will be jacked sky high to try to fix, like mine came back from Gibson under warranty trying to fix it. Made shaped/correct the Gibson adjustable ceramic bridge causes no issues = buzzing or action.
  16. I sent Mark, my sales rep, an e-mail today so between the two of us we should get an answer. Thanks!
  17. I owned an Valensi and still own a Wine Red Riviera and can say for sure my two have/had the Gibson truss rod and they even included the Gibson truss rod tool in the case. Maybe the Casino is different I have never owned one. If so that is disappointing as the other Elitists seem to have the Gibson truss rod, I hope this new one is built to the same standards as my 2 other Riviera's. Let us know when you get back what your Casino is and if it started with the Gibson truss rod (any others that own) and changed/went cheap through the years.
  18. Jeffery since you called Sweetwater please let us know the price and available date. Good to know Sweetwater is getting them.
  19. The Elitists I have owned and still own have the Gibson truss rod. Noticed the saddles too. They finally pulled out all the stops to make the guitars correct. I am buying the Riviera and possibly the Texan too. Just need to wait until they show up.
  20. Awesome!! My wish came true for an Epiphone specific guitar correct for the first time. Klusons instead of Grovers, right sized F holes, correct adjustable bridge on the Texan, Nitro!! Says limited edition so not in the regular Elitist line and will not fail this time due to limited numbers produced and I am sure people will buy. I will be buying one or the other or both. Thanks for listening Epiphone!!!!!
  21. He couldn't keep up that is why he had them get rid of it. (forum) I remember most of his post and it is most of what you said but he drew the line in the sand in that an Epiphone will be an Epiphone and a Gibson will be a Gibson. That is his vision of the company, and that is fine, I like my Epiphone's fine too but know what they are. They will never return to the pre Gibson days, obviously, but also will never return or be allowed to return to the McCarty days where the only difference was the name on the headstock, and that is the period I like the 60s. The Elitist line was as close as I think he will allow. For me that is fine, it has taken years but I have a nice Gibson collection and some nice Epiphones too, but other than having a Gold top Epiphone LP that I don't worry if it goes missing I would like to see some specific models offed as in the past. I own the Sheraton and Casino reissue, I would pay the upcharge to buy a new 60s version built in the Nashville or Memphis plant. It would be nice if he allowed maybe 1 guitar a year to be produced or 1 acoustic and 1 electric per year limited run and change models per year. I would like a Riviera, Casino, Sheraton correct to the 60s years with the right F holes and nitro finish MIA. That said this is the DR500M post. I owned one it was a nice guitar, but it was not voiced like a Gibson or understanding their business model was intended to be. The Gibson branded Garrison line from a few years back I wanted to like and even when SA was blowing the last stock they had out for $700 with case I still could not bring myself to like enough to buy one. The AJ15s and AJ35s I think are an attempt to fill that gap and voiced traditionally. If I did not have a great J45 would buy one or the other.
  22. Red, I read all the posts years ago before they took the forum down. I thought it might have been you that asked Jim but could not remember that detail, so did not want to state as fact. Same as what I thought, the vendors they used were already set up for 25.5 and that early Texan was correct at that scale so as they increased the line just stuck with that scale and body shape. The early EJ160e was that same Texan body at least the 2 Peerless ones I have anyway, Natural and Burst the Natural is older with the paddle headstock but the bodies are identical and the exact same body as my 2 IB Texans. The Indonesian plants seem to be using different CAD programs to build their EJ160Es. Curious did you go through all the posts when the forum was up? There was a pretty direct one from Henry when someone asked about the Epiphone LPs and he stated that they (Epiphones) are quality guitars but no way is he giving you a Gibson at the Epiphone price and went on to mention the woods used too in his post, not real Honduras Mahogany etc....... Henry is still the owner so the corporate culture will still follow his direction/lead.
  23. I think it goes back to the late 80s early 90s. There was a Import Texan back then (not the current one) but it was Spruce top Maple back and sides laminate. I would guess a few reasons or theories: 1, They knew the real Texan was 25.5 and built the rest of the line on that scale the EJ160E copied that early Import Texan at least Peerless did anyway and they are using that same CAD file today for the new IB Texan, on my 2 examples anyway? 2, Epiphone was making nothing then and the subcontractors they used like Peerless were already set up to build 25.5 acoustics so duplicated that? 3, Gibson did not want them 24.75? 4, Instead of designing from ground up new CAD files and machine programming Epiphone just used the same files and specs over and over in their own plants, not many complaints so why bother? 5, Someone asked Jim Rosenberg years ago when Gibson had the "4Henry forum" and his answer seemed to indicate either he was not aware of the scale on the acoustics as he had not heard it before and went on to state that "Epiphone can build to any scale so not sure why they don't" 6, The new Masterbuilt J45 clone if it comes out and comes with 24.75 seems maybe someone is listening somewhere. This guitar from the pre production photos seems to be a ground up design and a much closer match to the real 45 body shape than any other slope shoulder Masterbuilt I have seen or they dug up the old AJ45S CAD files Peerless was using back when they built that guitar in 1998-2002? Or they borrowed some CAD files from Gibson and put a Masterbuilt headstock on it. My main guess is they started out that way (25.5) when the line relaunched in the late to mid 80s and no one complained or so few did they are not aware there is a problem and people keep buying them so why update/fix what is not broken. If people really want Epiphone to copy the things right then I would guess more people need to say so or petition here maybe. People companied about the PUs and they updated them. The whole point of Epiphone (today, I know the history) though, is unless you are buying an Epiphone specific guitar (and some of those are not exact to spec poly vs nitro for example, wide and wrong spaced F holes on electrics to speed construction) then the buyer should be aware going in you are not getting a Gibson exact duplicate that is low priced and renamed.
  24. Thanks! that is about where P90s are supposed to be, 1950s and 60s anyway. By that I am guessing I will really like them. Glad to see Epiphone keeps upgrading stuff. I am not in need of a new guitar and looked at the Cherry and Natural but did not plug in. If my GC does get a Pelham in going to have to try it out.
  25. Love the color and hope the GC by me gets one. They have the Natural and Cherry right now. Does anyone know about these P90 Pros are they a new PU? If so how do they compare to the Epiphone P90 of old? Now that I have guitars with Gibson P90s the standard Epiphone Casino and Wildkat P90s are wound way too hot.
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