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  1. Red = hot Blacks both = ground Green/White = split coil If wiring/installing to a non split coil guitar solder the White and Green together and leave to the side(connect to nothing). The classic pros I find ok at best. The Probuckers like the best of all current Epiphone PUs and wiring scheme the same for both.
  2. Good luck, my Texan has the Shadow also and I bought mine new and though the product description says 5 years that does not seem to be the case. I was told 1 year by Epiphone when I called several years back now, my natural Texan is a 2009. All mine does now is buzz and it died after that one years time period. I also looked on line to purchase the replacement new myself like they put in the Texan and saw MF had them but discontinued as I only needed the saddle PU that plugs in the unit in the soundhole unit and would have paid new just to get that part. Instead of yanking the whole thing and replacing with something else I got a great deal on a burst Texan for the same price as a good aftermarket PU bought that, and leave that at practice and just use the dead guitar, which is the better acoustic of the two as a plain old acoustic at home. Since you did not buy new sounds like you have less options than me. Maybe return to seller or have him knock some more off the price? If not you have to decide if getting a nice aftermarket like LR Baggs or Fishman etc is worth the price installed in an Epiphone. In my mind it was not and was lucky enough to get a whole new Texan for the price of a good aftermarket PU.
  3. The Texan was flat and had no voice. Very disappointed. Played the J-35 and it sounded good. They had a J-15, Walnut back and sides. Blew me away. Played a J-45, still no comparison to the J-15. Should have bought it. (for those not familiar with the J-15, look for one and play it. It should surprise you and only $1,399 with hard case. I think that's a great price for a solid playing Gibson. ) The Texan's are like any other acoustic, just have to play and see what they sound like. My Natural is great but the PU died. My Burst is ok at best but the PU works and I got out the door new for $200. That is the guitar I have at practice now days. Gibson is doing a lot of nice price points as you say with the J15 and J35s. I think they are trying the fill that mid price gap the Canadian line tried to fill and failed. If I did not own a great J45 I would have bought that J35 I played the day my buddy and I hit the local stores. The one GC had meh but the one at Sam Ash great. I own both electrics and acoustics and there are differences in both exact models but plugged in electrics less so than acoustics since they don't rely on plugged in to make the sound. You can look at the best wood pile possible and you just don't know until the thing is built how it is all going to react tone wise. Acoustics you really have to play as many as possible and buy the one that grabs you.
  4. Yes as I was saying a lot is preference that and how the thing goes together = same parts and specs do not always = same. I have been playing over 30 years and I know what I like, I have owned, Gibson's, Taylors, Guilds, Epiphone's could never find a Martin I loved enough to own one. In that 30 years I have decided I am a Gibson guy and like Gibson's take on how an acoustic should sound, Gibson are voiced like Gibson's with that midrange honk. All the Masterbuilts I have played or owned have had the same very thin wood construction which leads to both their tone, and or cracking as the wood cures, so if you want one buy used as the wood will have cured by now and be stable. Not one I have played or owned has been voiced like a Gibson they sound to me more in the Martin tone range. The Texans I own are voiced in the Gibson range. Masterbuilts are fine if you like them and find one without issues. They are not and never will be cheap Gibson's they are what they are. The Gibson Canadian line from the old Garrison plant were not voiced like a Gibson either, I played them when out wanting to like them but passed. The new J35s sound like Gibson's and when you find a great one like any other higher priced Gibson, and yes their are duds in all levels of the line. Bottom line like you say find one you like and play and enjoy it. Which one is better is subjective, but Epiphone supposing to be the Gibson brand the Texans get you closer to the Gibson tone/sound than the Masterbuilt line. Since this is the Gibson/Epiphone forum is the Masterbuilt better than the Texan at making a Gibson type sound my answer is still No. If this was the acoustic guitar forum on line then my answer would be play both and see what voicing/flavor you like. The person buying needs to decide for themselves what it is they like and want and buy that regardless of brand/cost.
  5. Both of my Texans and remaining Masterbuilt are MIC, and they all look to have the same comp bridge and nut materials.
  6. No, based on my AJ500ME. Who ever said same build that is wrong. All you have to do is look inside the guitar to see they are not the same build or are they voiced the same by playing them. Like my Texan Natural better that any Masterbuilt I have played or owned. That said it is the magic of the wood and how they go together so play if you can. I played a new Gibson J35 at my GC and thought not much better than my Texan. Sam Ash stopped by this week and grabbed their J35 and to me was the best acoustic I played all day, and my friend and I grabbed their 2 J45s, Hummingbird, Songwriter and that J35 smoked them all. If I was looking for a new acoustic that one J35 at the Sam Ash would be the one regardless of cost no buyers remorse if I was in the market.
  7. That would be my guess too, I don't know if they have a Natural wood pile and one for others or solid coats. It is just the magic of how things go together sometimes.
  8. Every Masterbuilt I have owned, still own, and played sounds more in the Martin camp, Gibson's have that midrange voice to them if you are a Gibson player then you know the Gibson acoustic tone. I have 2 Texans a Natural that is wonderful but the PU died and sounds like a long scale J45, I own a J45. Not as sweet but really nice. I also got a burst for a steal and not as nice in tone as the Natural but the electronics work and that is the guitar I use at practice and leave there.
  9. IB64 Texan. Like those better than the Masterbuilts. Voiced like a Gibson.
  10. Nice guitars, I used to own one. The DRs did not seem to have the issues the AJs did, and they are all used now so they have all had time to settle in. If I found a used one for a good price would not mind one again though would go for the DR500R instead as I own enough Hogs.
  11. Epiphone began building their own guitars in their own Chinese factories in the mid 2000's, but the slopes still remained bean-shaped. In the past couple of years, Epiphone has been making slope-shoulder bodies that seem much closer in overall shape and dimension to Gibson's. I believe this started with the Inspired by Texan and the gloss-top AJ500M. Those are the first two models I noticed the change in, at any rate. Someone else on the forum also has a J-160E that looks close, too. But these are the exception, rather than the rule (at least they were for many years). Red 333 The Samick made EJ160E (mine was a 2006) is very close to a real J160E minus the neck scale. The IB Texans are wrong and use the same body as the old Peerless EJ160E's the bean shape as you call them. I just sold my Samick EJ160E or I could give you side by side photos of my J160E and back to back, sorry. All the Masterbuilt AJ500s are wrong too. The one I own and all the ones I have seen are way off my J45 or J160E. I posted before but the Peerless AJ45S (late 90s) was almost spot on to a real J45 minus the headstock. I don't think Gibson will let them get that close again in that price range. Everything is on CAD programs these days so they could be identical but are not, so it is what it is for a reason. You buy an Epiphone because you like it period. You go in knowing you are not getting a low cost version of a Gibson like in the old electric/acoustic Elitist line.
  12. I thought it was too good to be true. I would bet though MF just copies and pastes what Epiphone sends them for specs, same as they can't get their own guitars with the correct PUs listed either. When they do show up in the stores looks like it is worth looking at anyway. Thanks
  13. The specs say Nitro. Does anyone have one to confirm or is this a misprint and really comes in Poly?
  14. Agree same experience, close but never quite there.
  15. The Epiphone ES339 had Probuckers the 339-Pro switched to Alnico Classic Pros If you have a 2010-2011 check the PUs on a string change. Other than that no difference.
  16. The Peerless factory run of the AJ45S from 1998-2002? was 24 3/4 for a fact. The 1963 J45 that came later I can't say as did not own or ever play one. Trading the AJ500ME towards anything I don't see ever happening. I posted on this guitar years ago here when new and it was/is a complete disaster. I think they used a lot of uncured wood in these guitars and have seen the AJs all over the place with cracks. New at name your store back in the day. I live in Chicago land and saw a lot at the GCs, Sam Ash, and local stores and would let the sales guys know. One guy I knew at GC for years said yeah they constantly cracked and kept pulling those from the walls and sending them back. If you guys like the Masterbuilts great. I owned a DR500M that was nice and no build issues but never found an AJ that was worth buying or did not have the same issues as mine. Anyone wanting to buy a Masterbuilt AJ I would say buy used. I say that as any wood curing issues or shifting would have happened so if the top or back has not cracked by now or the top and bridge have not humped or bridge came off as on some early ones you got a good one. The issues with mine started in the first several months new and I had already buffed the guitar out voiding the warranty or Sweetwater doing an exchange as I had altered the guitar. Took the guitar to 3 different techs and everyone said uncured wood and/or "suspect materials". It finally settled in the first year to what it is now but has a random buzz when you hit certain notes due to a loose brace or bridge plate. For the cost of the guitar and its issues not worth the price of complete check of every brace, glue joint etc. I bought from Sweetwater as they had the burst in stock and no one else did, will never buy an acoustic online again, from anyone. No slam on Sweetwater. They were cool about the problem offering at my cost to ship them the guitar and they would put in their shop but again I had altered by having it buffed out so no exchange. They contacted me when I did a negative review on the guitar warning people of the issues and watch it for a time and if problems show up return ASAP. They refused to post the review. There are many posts on the net about the same issues mine had, cracking, top humping, bridges falling off etc. Glad you guys got good ones, mine was one of the problem ones. It sits unplayed or left at practice where I don't really care what happens to it.
  17. This guitar started all the problems: My friend also has an ES339 in Cherry from the first run, seems Cherry was the first color to show up in the states. His has Probuckers. Epiphone then changed specs to Alnico Classic Pro PU and dropped the price $100 and renamed the guitar ES339-Pro. The only way to know is on a string change unscrew and look at the bottom of the PUs. The PUs are the only difference. To me a significant one as I do not think much of the Alnico Classic Pro. If you like the guitar and want to know though the only way to tell is check the PUs other wise just play and enjoy.
  18. You don't want it trust me.

    New the top humped up, then the back cracked in 2 spots, I had the cracks sealed and buffed out and the repair guys cat decided to mark the case while in storage and it has a cloud in the finish, plus it buzzes from a loose brace or bridge plate.

    My room is humidified so no excuse poor materials

    I can send you photos you have to s...

  19. Red Yes is was the correct 24 3/4. Back to back with my J45 almost identical in shape, minus the goofy veneer headstock. I know you have both Epiphones and Gibsons too. Most of the Epiphone bodies are off, not bent or shaped right, not as deep etc....... This guitar was as close as Gibson would let them get to a J45. Too close maybe and only why available for a few years. I am aware of the masterbuilt J45 but different price range. It had the Gibson tone just more "dry" not the pretty harmonic overtones as the Gibson. It did need constant string changes though, once the strings went dead on it unlike my J45 the tone really suffered and became more of the plywood the rest of it was minus the top. Finally used the coated strings when they came out. I am always on the look out for another but they seem rare. I really regret selling it to order my AJ500M in burst I have mentioned in the past.
  20. http://www.guitare-village.com/occasion/_images/2009/20091211/aj45.jpg Found a photo.
  21. The one to find is the AJ45S from 1998-2002? I bought one new in 1998 and the Peerless factory got everything right minis the goofy headstock, if you can find a photo you will see. Back to back with my Gibson 1942 RI J45 it was really close, not the round bottom of their J160Es that I still own but the correct shape and scale. Tone wise it sounded like a "dry" version of my real J45 but it had the Gibson tone. Sold it to buy my AJ500ME in burst, have regretted that move ever since. It sold local and still look now and then hoping it pops up, I would know in a minute from the top grain.
  22. Worth taking a look at if they ever bring it out. Agree too Epiphone will probably make it the wrong scale at 25.5 not a J45 at all. I still think the Masterbuilts are voiced nothing like Gibsons and are more in the Martin tone range. Looks a lot like my AJ500 ME in burst. The pickguard on mine is nothing impressive either. I posted mine was never a very impressive guitar from day one and had many issues and still has a random buzzing from a loose bridge plate or brace when you hit certain notes. I bought mine for the burst and only hang onto it as it has zero resale value and would not pawn it off on anyone else. Pretty much stays unplayed or gets left at our practice space.
  23. The blue has changed somewhere in the run. There are 2 at my Sam Ash now in the "blue" one is more a blue burst, the other is as you describe more purple in color and even has finish flaw purple dots under the top coat, kind of like a poka-dot finish to it. Pointed it out to the guys there they said yeah does not look good but left it on the wall anyway.
  24. Buy the Proline set from GC. They fit right on the Epiphone metric shafts, mine anyway.
  25. Agree CB some color options on Lucille would be nice. Thought Gibson at some point offered a blue one too? Not a Pelham blue but darker, not sure of the Gibson name? Even better an ES 345 with stop bar in burst and other colors options.
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